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Journey Of Scooters In India–Dhinchak Pooja’s Weapon Of Mass Destruction!

Journey Of Scooters In India–Dhinchak Pooja’s Weapon Of Mass Destruction!


Scooters need no introduction. The vehicle is a common preference in every other Indian household. Even the legends like Jai-Veeru and Atmaram Tukaram Bhide prefer scooters over any four-wheeler!

“ab baat shuru ho hi gayi hai toh–“

Taking a dip in the Holy Ganga Maiya along with Kundan and Zoya, watching Surinder Sahni transform into Raj Kapoor, going to the district court every day with Advocate Jagdishwar Prasad Mishra(Jolly) OR accompanying a bridal-suit clad Priya going to slap Rancho somewhere in Ladakh, 

S-C-O-O-T-E-R-S, my friend, have done it all.

Look at some facts around the evergreen two-wheeled companion and its journey in India:

1. The first upgrade from the bicycle for a typical Indian teenager, the two-wheeler, has a step-through frame and a footrest. The production of scooters has been happening since nearly 1913.

Sholay Scooters

2. Apart from being affordable, scooters are pretty easy to operate and take up less parking space. In countries like India, where heavy traffic is a daily ritual, scooters are more convenient. Moreover, licensing requirements and insurance of a scooter are cheaper than cars.

rab ne bana di jodi scooter

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3. Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson was the man who brought scooters into existence. He developed the first motorized scooter Autoped in 1913 and patented it in 1916. Arthur claimed that this revolutionary invention would help people to save time, money, and energy while commuting.

4. Asian countries like India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan are a few places where scooters are trendy and locally manufactured.

Asian countries scooters

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5. With Bajaj Auto importing Vespa scooters, Indian roads welcomed scooters for the first time in 1948. The masses eagerly bought them. The scooter sales in India remain high even today.

6. With China being the largest manufacturer and Japan having the highest sales of scooters globally, India ranks second in production & sales of scooters. The lower prices and the ease of driving on traffic-prone Indian roads is the core reason for its high sales in India.

sales of scooters globally

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7. In the early 1950s, Automobile Products of India (API) took it upon themselves to start scooter production in India. It became the largest scooter manufacturer (besides Enfield). In 1960, Bajaj also started scooter manufacturing in India in alliance with Piaggio.

8. The initial craze for scooters gradually declined, and these became less popular from the 70s to mid-80s. New and stylish models of motorcycles became the preference of customers. But with the arrival of foreign manufacturers in the Indian Automobile Market (targeting young women and older men), the popularity of scooters surged again in the mid-80s.


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9. By this time, Kinetic and Honda joined hands to launch a gearless scooter, which became the customer favourite due to its ease of driving. This initiative of Kinetic became a superhit, inspiring TVS and Hero to launch their variants of gearless scooters.

Kinetic and Honda

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10. One of the milestones for scooters in India (and mainly for Honda) was the launch of the Honda Activa in 2000. Activa became very popular within a brief span of its launch, surpassing Kinetic, Bajaj and TVS.

Honda Activa

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Although the target customers were young women and older men, scooters owe a significant chunk of their sales to the Indian youth, primarily college students. Like, can you even imagine the movie 3 Idiots, without Raju, Farhaan and Rancho rushing to the exam hall on a scooter? Exactly!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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