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Shining Sea Stars Of The Marine Water,  Starfish

Shining Sea Stars Of The Marine Water,  Starfish


Known as the Starfish, there are more than 2000 species of sea stars that live underwater. Let us explore more about the fishes that do not have fins, gills or scales.

  1. Also called as the sea stars because apparently, they are not fishes, these beautiful and amazing-looking creatures are grouped under the Phylum Echinodermata and belong to the Class Asteroidea.

2. These organisms are star-shaped but don’t mean that they would possess only five-arms. It is surprising to know that many species like the sea star have more than 40 arms!

3. These organisms possess the ability to regenerate their arms if they lose any, by chance.

4.  Echinoderms are spiny organisms. Thus the sea stars possess tiny spines on their upper surface, which protects them from their predators.

5. These delicate and slimy stars have a hard upper-coat made of calcium carbonate plates.

6. Surprising yet vague fact about them is the absence of blood and the presence of a large number of feet throughout their body called the tube feet.

7. These organisms possess a water vascular system through which water enters their body, leading to the exchange of nutrients and gases. Thus they lack the respiratory system in them.

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Interestingly, Star Fishes possess a small red spot that acts as their eye is present on the tip of all the arms and helps them in sensing light and dark.

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