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Self Acceptance and Emotional Intimacy – The Road to Self Love

Self Acceptance and Emotional Intimacy – The Road to Self Love



The path to self-acceptance and emotional intimacy starts with you. Aadha ishq aadha hai aadha ho jayega, Kadmo se milon ka wada ho jayega…. zaroor hoga. The journey to self-love can be full of hindrances because of the insecurities we carry with us but trust me, in the end, it is all worth it.


1. Self-acceptance is the process of being aware of oneself. Self-awareness begins with knowing one’s strengths and faults, assessing one’s abilities and overall worth, and being content with oneself despite mistakes and past choices and actions. Emotional intimacy is the closeness that you feel with your partner or yourself in which you feel safe, secure and loved.



2. Self-acceptance leads to self-intimacy, a sensation of being linked to every aspect of oneself, including the parts you naturally welcome and the parts you wish didn’t exist.



Here are a few ways in which you can practice self-acceptance.


3. You should be kind to yourself.

It’s time to admit that no one criticises you more harshly than you do yourself. You might be your own greatest enemy, but you must get out of your own way and begin to cultivate patience. Accept your shortcomings and be gentle with yourself.



4. Face your fears head-on.

With that awful past, we all carry baggage. We’re all human, and we’re all going to get hurt at some point. The dread of the unknown, on the other hand, keeps us stuck. When striving for change, it’s critical to take little action. Begin by compiling a list of the things that terrify you. Begin with a modest task, face it, and learn why it isn’t that frightening. After that, go on to the following detail, and so on.



5. Be Positive

Surround yourself with positive people. Make yourself some nice notes. Post positive affirmations on posters. Install an app on your phone that will deliver you daily inspiring quotations. Turn to one of your favourite things when you feel insecure or have doubt seeping into your mind.



6. Accept your flaws

Allow yourself to let go of the ideal. Let go of your preconceived notions of what excellence entails. In all of its flaws, life is perfect. Don’t let a desire for perfection hold you back from achieving your objectives. It’s enough to be good.



7. Don’t take anything too personally

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Stop and consider why you’re offended if anything offends you. Make an effort to avoid thinking you understand what others are saying. People are unlikely to desire to injure you in the first place, but they may also lack good communication skills. All you have to do is inquire if you’re not sure what a given comment means.



8. Have faith in yourself

You can do big things. You can achieve anything if you believe that you can. You are a powerful and capable creature, that is, capable of dealing with any obstacle that comes your way. Remember, you’ve already been through the worst thing you’ve ever gone through.



9. Whatever it takes, don’t give up

When you fall, you must get back up and continue. We learn the most about ourselves from our failures rather than our successes. By praising something you’re not very good at, you might figure out what inspires you. Life’s most valuable lessons are learnt in these private times.



Self-acceptance and emotional intimacy create the path for increased self-understanding. It is a necessary component for personal development. Despite the need for unconditional love, self-acceptance, and emotional intimacy do not mean we should ignore our toxic behaviours. Self-love is not equivalent to creating unhealthy boundaries but lookout for all of that. Let us know in the comment section what all you do for self-love.


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