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Serious Games Are Secret Treasure Boxes Of Knowledge!

Serious Games Are Secret Treasure Boxes Of Knowledge!

Serious Games

“Life isn’t as serious as the games make it out to be,” is what we can say after exploring the genre of Serious Games.

This genre of games has come into vogue and the gaming scene pretty recently only. These games require dedication as they are specifically made to increase the knowledge (of the students mostly).

Yeah…seriously, dude, ye din aa gaye hai ab toh ki gamers and game bloggers have to understand and spread the word about “What are Serious Games?”

  1. What are Serious Games?
  • A subgenre of serious storytelling.
  • Basically designed to be the opposite of pure entertainment and comedy games.
  • Most of the Serious Games can be seen on Doctor simulation, defence, education, surviving stories.
Serious Games

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  1. History of Serious Games
  • It can be traced down from the 1970s.
  • Clark C. Abt was the first author who defined the Serious Game: “We are concerned with Serious Games in the sense that these games have an explicit and carefully thought-out educational purpose and are not intended to be played primarily for amusement.”
educational purpose game

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  1. Features of Serious Games
  • Helps to clear our learning goals.
  • Tends to help kids and even adults at times to boost decision-making skills.
  • Increase knowledge in a particular field, thus also known as education or learning games.
  1. Growth of the Serious Games Sector
  • As the internet market gets cheaper, the impact of Serious Games has increased a lot. The global Serious Games Market was valued at $2,731 million in 2016.
  • Motive is to provide education and clear doubts of students who live in an info-era and internet age.
  • These games mainly have helped students to learn different languages, models etc.
skills making games

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  1. Role of Education Games In Development Of Serious Games
  • Since the origin of Serious Game, education games have remained part of it.
  • Paper-based education games were the starting of Serious Games. Also, Many languages learning games are examples of Educational Serious Games.
  • Education games are available on your mobile devices.
Education Games

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  1. How Health Games Are Part Of Serious Games?
  • Health or medical games are the top tiers of Serious Games.
  • Health games include the treatment of patients & the players have to remain serious throughout the mission.
  • These include a healthier lifestyle, nutrition or rehabilitation purposes.
  • Health games are expected to improve the health education system.
Health Games

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  1. Military Games genre contribution in Serious Games
  • The military is one of the most predominant parts of every country. Military games are developed with intense kinds of music and graphics, giving you the vibes of the battlefields.
  • Military Serious Games also require strategies and techniques.
  • Indian Air Force: A Cut Above is the perfect example of the military, serious game.
  1. Structure of Serious Games
  • Designed with simple graphics as the purpose of the game is to provide education to others. There are a lot of models to develop a serious game.
  • The formation must have the challenge and choice making, problem setup for inducing decision making in the gamer.
choice making, problem setup

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  1. Pros of the Serious Games
  • Defining the pros of Serious Games would take a decade to explain. Precisely, these games are played to gain knowledge (as iterated before).
  • Do you know, Serious Games have benefited people with psychological and medical benefits too!
  • Serious Games also help to build creative, soft and technical skills in you.

The demand for Serious Games has been increasing in every sector. Education, Health, sports, travel etc. Have you ever played any Serious Games that helped you to actually make your life better?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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