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Sevenraj: A Crazy Man Of India Who Only Wear Red And White

Sevenraj: A Crazy Man Of India Who Only Wear Red And White


Meet India’s own Santa Claus., Sevenraj, a man from Bangalore, obsessed with the number 7 and the red and white colour. Even his house looks like a fire station and car, like an ambulance.


Don’t believe us? Well, here’s more for you to confirm as we tell you more about the crazy Red-White man of India, Sevenraj:

1. A real estate agent from Bangalore named Sevenraj has a bizarre obsession with the red and white colours and the number seven.


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2. From birth to 25 years of his life, he only wore the white colour. But, when he sat his foot in the business, he chose to wear a red tie. From the day onwards, his journey of wearing red started.

Red and white colour

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3. Except for wearing red and white colour, he has an obsession with the number seven too.

4. He was named Sevenraj by his father because he is the seventh son of the family.

5. Even his blazer has seven buttons, seven pockets, and he dares to wear red shoes. His car number plate is 777, and his mobile number is seven too.

Red and white combination

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6. Everything in the Sevenraj house comes with a combination of red and white colour from buying knives and forks.

Red and White

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7. His office and car are also in red and white colour only. He also said that when he sees something in red and white, he immediately stops his car and buys it.

Red and white colour car

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8. For him, his obsession is not weird and has a significant meaning. He explained that ‘I was always influenced by Gandhi. He is a man whom anyone would recognize. I wanted to create a similar icon of myself that people can easily identify.’

9. For the same thing, they also have their name recorded in the India Book Of Records under Strange But True Records.

White and Red Shoes

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10. Initially, his wife finds it weird and refuses to support him. But, then finally she understood his obsession for the red and white colour and number seven obsession.

Sevenraj And his family

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11. Moreover, Sevenraj and his family are spiritual. ‘I am a spiritual person, so was my father. He named me Number seven so that I will not be identified with any caste or religion. Gradually when I joined the film industry, I modified my name to Sevenraj,’ Sevenraj shared.

Sevenraj and his family

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According to Sevenraj, this obsession also saves his time and money. Weird, right! But, somehow true because he said that he does not always buy branded clothes. While shopping, he picks something in red and white. Everyone wastes time in choosing from other colours. It takes only 2-minutes.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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