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Shabnam Ali To Create History: Hindustan Ki Pehli Mahila Jisko Lgegi Faasi

Shabnam Ali To Create History: Hindustan Ki Pehli Mahila Jisko Lgegi Faasi

Shabnam Ali

Shabnam Ali is the convicts of the Amroha assassination case. The convicted woman is all set to create history. She’ll become the first-ever woman since India’s independence to be hanged till death.

Scroll down an intro and precise summary of the case of Shabnam Ali

1. On the intervening night of 14-15 April 2008, Shabnam Ali with her lover Saleem murdered seven of their family members.

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2. The girl was staying in Amroha with her family. She was in love with Saleem, her lover, and decided to marry him, but her family was against their marriage. Thus, the couple plotted a violent assassination.

3. She and Saleem were detained on 19 April 2008, five days after the murders. After being arrested, she was found 7-weeks pregnant. In December 2008, she gave birth to her child.

4. She has a double MA and was an elementary school teacher in the village. Saleem was a dropout of Class VI who worked in a wood sawing unit. Par pyaar mein andha hona lazmi hai…maybe?

Saleem was a dropout

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5. During the investigation, it was found that Shabnam inspired Saleem to give milk laced with sedatives before slitting their throats. Yeah…some gory business is on in here people. Thrilling…

Shabnam inspired Saleem

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6. The victims included: her parents, two brothers, sister-in-law and cousin. Her little nephew, who was just 10-years-old was strangled to death. Yes, the lovers didn’t even spare the innocent kid!

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7. The court heard the statements of 29 witnesses on the day of the judgment. Witnesses have been asked to answer 649 questions concerning the case. Order of 160-pages has been passed.

The first woman to be hanged

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8. On 14 July 2010, the Court of District and Sessions sentenced the couple to death. In 2010, the pair appealed to the Allahabad High Court. The death penalty was upheld by HC too.

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9. The couple approached the Supreme Court. The death penalty was upheld by SC in 2015. Because of the exhaustion of legal options, a mercy-plea was filed and refused by President Pranab Mukherjee. The Supreme Court has also lodged a review request.

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10. It has been decided that the girl would be hanged in Banaras, Uttar Pradesh (the only state where women convicts can be hanged in India). It has been said that the hangman would be Pawan Jallad (who was also the hangman of the rapists of Nirbhaya).

Shabnam Ali hanged

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Almost 150 years ago, India’s first female execution room was constructed in Mathura prison under British rule in 1870. Since freedom, however, no female prisoner was hanged. The UP Prison Manual of 1956 points out elaborate procedures for executing female convicts on death row.

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