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Sharabha, The Fourth Avatar of Lord Shiva

Sharabha, The Fourth Avatar of Lord Shiva

Sarthak Mittal

A creature who was half-lion and half-bird is known as Sharabha, the fourth avatar of Lord Shiva.

As you’ll continue scrolling you’ll know all about this incarnation of Lord Shiva.

1. Sharabha is known as the fourth avatar of Lord Shiva. He was in the form of half-animal and half-bird.

Lord Shiva, Sharabha

2. Shiv Purana narrates that God Shiva takes the Avatar of Sharabha to overcome Narsimha.


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3. Narsimha was an aggressive lion and avatar of Vishnu. It was also the fourth avatar of Vishnu.


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4. So, what’s the story behind Sharabha? Let’s discover! One day Vishnu Avatar, Narsimha, was supposed to save his favourite devotee prince Prahalada from the demon king Hiranyakashipu.

5. Hiranyakashipu was the father of Prahalad and wanted to kill him as he was the big devotee of Vishnu.

6. After killing Hiranyakashipu, Narsimha became furious in his temperament and created an awful situation in the universe.


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7. After seeing the negative effect of all this, heavenly deities went in front of Lord Shiva, asking him for the solution.

8. Lord Shiva then took the form of Sharabha to conciliate the angry Narsimha and convert him back to Vishnu.

9. In Buddhism, Sharabha appears in Jataka Tales as a previous birth of the Lord Buddha.

Buddhism, Sharabha

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Do you know, Sharabha also appears in the emblem of the state government of Karnataka and the University of Mysore? Interesting, right?

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