Sharat Saxena: Hit By Popularity After Consistent 30 Years Of Struggle!


Sharat Saxena might be a well-heard name today, but the actor’s struggle is of 3 decades! He mostly played the extras and supporting roles before getting hit by popularity.

1. Born on 17 August 1950, Sharat Saxena, an Indian actor performing in Bollywood films since 1974. But, he was noticed by the public after spending approximately 30-years of his life in the Industry.

2. Sharat, after schooling from Bhopal and graduation from Jabalpur Engineering College, decided to become an actor.

So, in 1972, he came to Mumbai.

3. But, with no ties in the Film Industry, Sharat took a job in a factory where he met Chandan Ghosh.

Chandan is the reason, Sharat, got his first appearance in the film.

4. Chandan was a photographer additionally and was photographing actor Veerendra. Veerendra helped Sharat to get a small role in a film.

5. Sharat Saxena, after performing once, carried his still from the film, and fortunately met the prominent writers Salim-Javed. Writers chose him in the cast of Kaala Patthar (1979) as Dhanna.

Because of his muscular physique, Sharat mostly received negative characters. He stated in an interview that Salim Sir helped him a lot in the Film Industry.

6. Sharat’s Bollywood journey caught speed, and he starred in Benaam, Dil Deewana, Agent Vinod, etc. but as a Henchman.

7. During his struggling days, Sharat and his wife lived in his Brother-in-law’s flat whenever they were out of town.

But that struggle was paying him off.

8. Sharat got the opportunity to be a part of some of the most triumphant films of Bollywood, such as Mr India, Tridev, Ghayal, and many more.

Sharat has acted in approx 200 films either as a disciple where his dialogues usually were Yes Boss and No Boss or as a comic villain.

9. There came a time when Sharat decided to stop doing side roles anymore, and at that precise moment, luckily, he got a call from Kamal Haasan’s office.

The next, he starred in Gunaa (1991).

10. After Gunaa, Sharat, alongside Hindi, also started performing in Tamil and Telugu films such as Mannan, (both, Tamil and Telugu), Nirnayam, Gharana Mogudu, Khiladi, Ghulam, etc.

Also, Sharat got nominated for Filmfare Best Villain Award for Ghulam (1998).

11. In 2000, Sharat worked in a film Aaghaaz, where he had to go bald, but the film flopped, and when his hair regrew, it was white.

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After that, Sharat started doing roles of father, uncle, or villains and played Father in Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge and Saathiya.

12. Back in some difficult times, Sharat once took out a telephone directory and called every person he knew in the Industry to get some work.

Fortunately, every person agreed to give him work.

13. Sharat’s notable work also includes Krrish, Bodyguard, Ready, and many more.

14. Sharat is happily married to Shobha, and the couple also has two children, Veera and Vishal.

15. Vishal moved to Canada and joined an advertising company, and Veera is an On Stage and playback singer, she recently sang a song for Race 3 along with Salman Khan.

Sharat always states that love what you do otherwise don’t do it–and with these golden words to remember, this blog ends.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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