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We all have heard about Shastras, but what are Shastras?

We all have heard about Shastras, but what are Shastras?

Sarthak Mittal

We all have heard about Shastras, but what are Shastra? Well, this is a deep kind of question which might require a lot of space to be answered. That we will cover some other time. But, for now, in this blog, we will try to grasp some basic-points around Shastras, that everyone must be aware of:

1. Shastra is a Sanskrit word that means a manual of instructions, a book of knowledge and religious texts.


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2. Shastras were composed after the 1st millennium BCE.

manual of instructions

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3. Shastra vary in number and types, depending on a tradition.

Hindu Shastra

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4. There are 19-types of shastra – Veda, Upaveda, Vedangana, Samhita, Aranyaka, Brahmana, Upanishad, Yoga Darsana, Samkhya Darsana, Mimamsa Darsana, Vaisheshika Darsana, Nyaya Darsana, Purana, Agama Shastra, Smriti, Tantra Shastra, Sutra, Itihasa and Gita.

5. Sikhism is also related to the shastras.

Sikhism Temple

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6. The dharma–sutra and dharma–shastra are quite similar to each other.

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7. Many religious texts of Hinduism are Shastra.

That’s just a beginner’s knowledge around the term Shastras. How much of it you understood and willing to explore more?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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