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Ship Of Theseus Is Inspired By Theseus Paradox And Is Here To Unsettle You

Ship Of Theseus Is Inspired By Theseus Paradox And Is Here To Unsettle You

Ship of Theseus

Ship of Theseus is more like an examination rather than an entertaining flick. That’s where it puts forth a crucial question in front of an Indian audience: are we being an audience willing to accept such films?

Inspired by the Theseus Paradox, which is introduced at the start of the film, it follows multi-narrative storytelling. 

Story Of Ship Of Theseus

  • The film recounts three stories. The main plot is about a youthful lady who takes up photography after losing her sight due to cornea (disease). She gets a transplant and recaptures her vision. Rather than improving as a photographic artist, having the option to see overpowers her. She’s unable to see the goals of her life.
Ship of Theseus

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  • The second story is about a priest who battles animal cruelty done by the pharmaceutical practitioner. The priest discovers that he has liver cirrhosis. Here’s when he faces a situation: whether to take the medication produced by such drug organizations against whom he’s battling for basic entitlements? There is an important prayer that he reports, which was written in Prakrit especially for the film.
Story Of Ship Of Theseus

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  • The third story is about a stockbroker who goes through a kidney relocation and is shaken by the episode of a helpless worker whose kidney was taken. He follows to find the poor man in a desire to change his life.
  • Each of the three stories is connected through a single thing – organ transplant.

Ship Of Theseus Portray Nuanced Performances

  •  The performances are nuanced–all the three main leads lend justice to the role empowered to them.
  • The English language had been used a lot as a part of the dialogue delivery, and no articulation determined any mishap.
Ship Of Theseus

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  • Aida, for the role of Aaliya, received accolades and awards. In the first place, she was just about to assist Anand in the film!

The Direction Of Ship Of Theseus

  • Gandhi’s directorial debut film caters to international cinema. The storyline is deeply layered with subtle dialogues. He doesn’t waste time providing the backstory of every character. He is clear from the very first frame of the film.
  • He doesn’t compromise artistic depth to provide the movie with a commercial repeat value.

Surprising Facts About Ship Of Theseus

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  • The director uploaded the entire 6-hour film on the internet, asking people to edit it to get a different perspective.
Ship Of Theseus

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  • Neeraj Kabi, for the role of monk, lost about 17 kgs in 4 months. Later, it became fatal that it sort of restrained Kabi in doing theatre.
  • The plotline of the photographer was an add-on by the cinematographer, Pankaj Kumar.

Commercially driven movies give the viewers an escape/break from their daily realities of life and society, letting them live in a world different from theirs. Ship of Theseus does the complete opposite, and audiences cannot leave their brains at home while watching this film. The sole purpose is to question the very reality we all live in, thus making it a must-watch for all creative artists alike. It is an intelligent movie with nuanced screenwriting and great acting.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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