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Let’s Flow Back To Times When And How Ships Were Discovered

Let’s Flow Back To Times When And How Ships Were Discovered


Ships are large watercraft, used to travel via water-routes. But who discovered them and how?

1. The ancient Egyptians used reeds in 4000 BC to make the first sailing boats in the world. The reed boats had sails, and a trunk was used on the Nile River.

reeds boats

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2. Egyptians started to create wooden boats that were able to withstand sailing across oceans around 2500 BC.


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3. In 1450 and for various centuries, wooden ships with three or four posts were in use by several different countries. These masted sailing ships were used as trade vessels by travellers, to carry cargo and as battleships.


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4. In the 1800s Clipper ships were built and were fast sailing ships that highlighted tall masts, and slim, long hulls.

5. The first ships that were made in 1845 using steam power started to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Steamships used an aggregate of wind and steam power to move.

Atlantic Ocean

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6. In 1910, Ships that were earlier powered by burning coal started to be switched to diesel power and started to use oil instead of steam.

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7. In the 1990s there was a rise in passenger cruise ships, used to take people on holiday.

Now cruise ships featured shops, restaurants, and other types of entertainment.

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