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7 Shoe Styles To Fit Your Fervor Today

7 Shoe Styles To Fit Your Fervor Today


Do you know there are many types of Shoe Styles? And here are 7 must-know Types of Male Footwear?

Let’s put our mind’s feet on each of one these style one-by-one:

  1. Derby
  • Common amongst men and easily identifiable with their open lacing flair, Derbies are the perfect footwear for big-feets.
  • Mostly worn in formal occasions, Derbies is one of those shoe styles that can be matched with casual outfits as well.
  1. Oxford
  • Also called Balmoral, these shoes have closed lacing, and are mostly used for formal occasions only.
  • Oxford style shoes look best with tuxedos and formals.
  1. Monks
  • Perfect for both formal and casual occasions, Monk Shoes are one of those shoe styles that have no lacing. They typically have a strap and a buckle.
  • Two Varieties: Single Monk (with a single strap and buckle), and Double Monk (with two straps and buckle). Triple Monks are also there, but these are less marketed.
  1. Loafers
  • Lace-less shoes, Loafers are timeless in their appeal and style and suit best with formals.
  • Loafers have three variations: Penny Loafers, Bit Loafers, and Tassel Loafers.
  1. Sneakers
  • Casual sneakers are probably part of every man’s footwear collection!
  • These can be worn with all casual outfits.

Slip-On Sneakers are also loved by many as they are simple yet fashionable. Perfect if you love walking, Slip-Ons are laceless shoes.

  1. Espadrilles
  • Men’s Summer Shoes, Espadrilles are a perfect choice for casual outings. These shoes are both trendy and cosy on feet.
  1. Chelsea boots
  • These ankle boots are easily recognizable with their elastic side panel.
  • They are perfect for casual outings. It can significantly step up your game.

So, what’s your feet-style today?

Although Shoes in the current world can never go out of style, we would love to remind you that no matter how cool you might look in your loafers, don’t forget to increase your collection!

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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