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Tragic Death Of Shravan Kumar In The Hands Of King Dashrath

Tragic Death Of Shravan Kumar In The Hands Of King Dashrath

Sarthak Mittal
Shravan Kumar

Shravan Kumar is a mythological character whose story is mentioned in the Ramayana. Let us know all about the moment when he met Dashrath.

1. The following incident of Shravan Kumar is still retold by people. People knew him because of his good karma.

good karma

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2. As he was poor, he carried his blind parents on his shoulders to fulfil their desire of visiting Chardham.

3. He stopped in the forest of Kurukshetra as he was thirsty. Shravan Kumar goes down the bank to take some water.

forest of Kurukshetra

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5. In the same forest, King Dashrath was also present, hunting.

5. While he was searching for the target, Dashrath heard a sound near a lake and released the arrow hoping to hit an animal, but instead, unaware, he shot a young boy, Shravan.

Dashrath shoot Shravan Kumar

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6. Shravan was bleeding, and Dashrath knew all about him. He carried the water for his blind parents.

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7. Dashrath revealed to the parents about the tragic death of their son. In grief, his parents cursed Dashrath that he will experience the same “putra shoka”.

A moralistic story of Shravan Kumar reveals about concepts like Karma even today.

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