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Shreeram Lagoo: Doctor, Actor and Director

Shreeram Lagoo: Doctor, Actor and Director


Shreeram Lagoo is a lot of many things! He is a Doctor, Actor and Director. There is hardly anything that he has not done in his life. But what more do we know about Shreeram Lagoo, other than his name?

1. Shreeram Lagoo was born in November 1927, Satara. He was a theatre artist, Director, and Actor in Indian Cinema. He probably did over 250 films including Hindi and Marathi in his career. He also directed over 20 plays in Marathi cinema.

Shreeram Lagoo

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2. Shreeram Lagoo studied at Bhave High School and BJ Medical College. He received MBBS & MS degrees (both medical degrees).

3. He used to study in a school, where special attention was paid to acting-skills. He also used to mimic when he was a child.

4. He was very good at studies. He got admission in Medical College, and became an ENT Surgeon and studied in Pune for six years before going to Canada and England, for further preparation. Side by Side, he used to act in theatre programs whenever he got time, through Progressive Dramatic Association, in Pune.

5. Finally in 1969, after came back from abroad, he graced a full-time actor on the Marathi stage, debuting in the play Ithe Oshalala Mrityu. His biography was also made, with the titled Lamaan (carrier of goods).

6. Shreeram Lagoo won a Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for Gharaonda. Shreeram Lagoo is considered as one of the greatest Marathi stage actors even today. His wife Deepa Lagoo is also a TV and Film Actress.

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7. He was very active in social activist as well. His most high-grade appearances came in movies like Pinjra, Mukta,  Kinara, Lootmaar, Sau Crore, Jyoti Bane Jwala, Neeyat, Nishana, Swayamvar, Shriman Shrimati and Sadma, Devata, Des Pardes, and Lawaris.


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One of the ever-missed personalities of Cinema, Shreeram Lagoo took his last breath on 17 December 2019 in Mumbai.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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