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Side-scrolling Games Are About Left To Right, Right To Left For Marvelous Journey

Side-scrolling Games Are About Left To Right, Right To Left For Marvelous Journey

Side-scrolling games

Sanitize your hands and come back to your blue screens to scroll your way through understanding side-scrolling games–kyunki–

Side-scrolling is more than just Tinder swipes!

  1. What are Side-scrolling Games?
  • Also known as platform games, side-scrolling games are viewed from the side angle.
  • The player controls the character by scrolling left and right.
  • The single screen of the game flips like the page of a book.
Side-scrolling games

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  1. History of Side-scrolling Games
  • It traced down from late 1970.
  • Sega’s Bomber was a side-scrolling arcade launched in 1977.
  • Later, after the launch of Shoot ’em Up, the genre began to popularise.
  1. First Side-scrolling Platform Game
  • It was launched in 1981 by ADK Corporation: Jump Bug.
  • The player controls the dancing car (PK wali nahi!) and travels to various locations like a city, pyramid and underwater.
  • On the way, you have to shoot down every enemy.
Jump Bug game

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  1. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  • It will remind you of the Mentos television advertisement!
  • Developed by Retro Games for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U console.
  • The player has to travel to 7 different islands to defeat snowmads.
  • Available for: Nintendo Switch, Wii U
Donkey Kong Country

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  1. Skul: The Hero Slayer
  • An action-adventure side-scrolling game.
  • Developed by NEOWIZ.
  • Releasing in 2021 Summer, the story is about the skeleton in the Demon King army. The Demon King is defeated. “Skul,” with the help of his fellow forces of darkness, is on to slay! 
  • Available for: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
action-adventure side-scrolling game

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  1. Puppeteer
  • Played in both 2d and 3d.
  • Developed by Japan Studio
  • The player plays a Puppet named ‘Kutaro’. You have the capabilities to keep three heads at a time. If the head gets damaged by the rival, it immediately disappears. 
  • Available for: PlayStation 3
  1. Mario
  •  “Hey! Come back here! You big-a monkey!” Everyone has played Mario once in their lifetime, right?
  • Mario remains prominent amongst the 90s kids and is the perfect example of the platform games!
  • The objective is to save the queen from the monster tortoise.  
  • Available for: Windows, Android, iOS, Playstation, Nintendo

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  1. Ori and the Blind Forest
  • An adventure side-scrolling game.
  • Developed by Moon Studios.
  • The player plays the character of Ori, a sprint guardian who gets separated from his biological family. Your main task is to bring Ori back home.
  • Available For: Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  1. LIMBO
  • A puzzle-based side-scrolling game.
  • Developed by Playdead and Double Eleven in July 2010.
  • Best known for its music, story and art, you’ll play the character of a nameless boy spawned in the middle of the forest. The gamer has to clear the stages and eliminate the giant spider.
  • Available for: Windows, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS
puzzle-based side-scrolling game

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So, now as you have scrolled down till here, why not aim to slide, slide and swipe on an actual video game rather than playing match-match on a dating app?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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