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Situationship Is The New Something In Market, We See

Situationship Is The New Something In Market, We See


What is Situationship?

Holding a fountain of feelings inside the heart but scared of all those cries, pain and heartbreak. Want to give away all the love you carry but commitment issues hai yaar! Want to hold the hand of someone to cross the ocean of all lies but not able to keep it for long? So you are in a critical situation which makes you fall down into a situationship!



1. What is situationship

When you start investing yourself into someone, but without any tags, you are in a situationship in quite simple words. It is not casual dating because here you are investing your emotions, looking forward to emotional stability. So, don’t ever call it casual!



2. No ownership

A situationship will ultimately provide you with no rights and a sense of ownership over another person. There is no commitment. So, you can ask them about your decisions but can’t get the reason behind it. Love with no rights makes one feel helpless and weak. It will ultimately lessen the access to the heart of your beloved



3. Emotional intimacy

One thing that makes situationship different from casual dating is the level of emotional intimacy. The way two people invest each other into an unpredictable bond and make it work is a beautiful thing. A situationship can go further due to the involvement of emotions and feelings only. Also, it resides on the individual choice to give it a physical touch.



4. Silent jealousy

A situationship won’t allow you to express being jealous. There is no accountability of another person on behalf of your emotions. You have to make your jealous heart calm down with self-explanation. As your habit of putting up questions may make them feel uncomfortable, and they may respond indifferently. This might leave you feeling hurt. So in a situationship, you can’t question their acts and restrict them in any sense.



5. Commitment issues

A situationship exists only when two people are afraid of being in a relationship and have a commitment phobia. It will allow you to love in all sense but keep you safe from any tag/title of being together. This is because maybe your heart is still in pain from previous failed relationships. Nonetheless, your heart seeks the same love and comfort. Par risak toh le nahi sakte ab of putting up feelings in other hands.

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6. A mature thing

A situationship is not an easy thing to handle. It is not easy to give someone all your love, loyalty, care, attention and peace with acknowledgements of being together. In such a bond, a hidden part of your personality is uncovered. With it, you are more capable of giving than receiving. Being more understanding and evaluative about the different situations. So yes, in a situationship, you can grow together.



7. An uncalled off

The worst part of being in a situationship is that there is always uncertainty. There is no assurance of the presence of the person you love. So when it happened to cease, it began quietly and quickly. You feel the pain of uncalled love and friendship when the other person leaves, and you won’t be able to find any reason to make them stay in your life. So a situationship is temporary happiness with permanent memories.



Love can find you in different ways and forms. It will be in your hand as to what to choose and lose. But it is better to keep your heart safe from all uncertain things, but love doesn’t come up with a predetermined fate. It will happen to you unknowingly, but when it leaves, it will take away all other emotions too!

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