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Small Or Big: Our Businesses Is Ours; None Of Your Business Ji

Small Or Big: Our Businesses Is Ours; None Of Your Business Ji

Small businesses

Once Emraan Hashmi said, “Koi bhi dhanda aadmi ki himmat se bada nahi hota” (Once Upon A Time In Mumbai). Follow this mantra and grow your small businesses to the apex of success. Even our favourite NAMO tea-seller began somewhere and now controls the prices of our tea.


Be Raees of your dhanda kyunki, “koi dhanda chota nahi hota aur dhandhe se bada koi dharam nahi hota”. But let’s add some valuable facts and figures to your knowledge:

  1. Small business but bada dhamaka

‘Agar dhanda shaanti se karna hai toh dhamake to karne hi padenge’, but don’t take this too literally. All you have to do is figure out an amazing idea that can’t be beaten by anyone in the market.

  • A small business is one that operates at small investment, inventories, labour and machinery.
  • Registered and unregistered small businesses account for 42.50 million in India. “Kyu, hila dala na?”
Small businesses

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  1. Characteristics of small business

Every kind of business has some characteristics that give it a unique identity. Small business has its own features too.

  • A small business is owned by a single owner known as a sole proprietor.
  • Small businesses are quite flexible and can incorporate sudden changes.
small business

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  1. Labour intensive
  • Small business needs a lot of mehnat and support. So be ready to have your support crew!
  • Small business constitutes 40% of the workforce of India, just after the agricultural sector.
  • Roughly 106 million people are employed in small businesses.
Small businesses

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  1. Categories of Small business

“Small business samajh kar chota mat samjhna.” It has various categories which can provide you with the choice to invest according to your preference:

  • Small scale industry
  • Export-oriented units
  • Cottage industry
  • Village industry
Small businesses
  1. GDP contribution

Kyunki “Public saman dekhti hai, dukaan nahi.” Yes, so the government also calculates the final outcome and contribution of small businesses to the economy. To respond to government expectations, small businesses really played well:

  • It contributes 6.11% to the manufacturing sector and 24.63% to the service sector. “Tu bahut acha kaam karta hai re small business.”
  • Small business also constitutes 45% of the Indian manufacturing output.
Small businesses
  1. Products

Small businesses manufacture products that engraved the real essence of life and are quite important for daily tasks. “Boss, inke bina jiya jaye na.”

See Also

  • It manufactures products like candles, toothpicks, tissue paper and matchsticks.
  • It manufactures more than 6,000 products.
Small businesses products
  1. Most successful small businesses

Well, it is your choice what you want to make and manufacture, whether it is agarbati or bindi. But being your chahnevale, here we are suggesting you some profitable small business ideas:

  • Wedding Planner
  • Fashion Boutique
  • Travel Agency
  • Organic Farming
  • Affiliate Marketing
Small businesses

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So we are done with our part. Now, it’s your turn to utilise all the resources and bring the best out of yourself. You may not be a Baniya but can beat them in their business with your idea!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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