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History Of Snooker: From India To The World

History Of Snooker: From India To The World


We Can Proudly Say That Snooker Was Invented In India. Know more about its journey in the following blog:

1. In 1875, Sir Lieutenant Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain Found The Game Of Snooker In Jabalpur.

2. Do You Know How This Game Was Invented In India? In The Military, When All The Army Officers Are Used To Playing Popular Gambling Games, Pyramids And Black Pools. Suddenly, Sir Chamberlain mixed all the balls of games and threw them on the table with some extra coloured balls. One military officer missed the shot and sir called him snooker. That is why the name got stuck.

3. In 1885, The World Billiard Champion John Roberts learned from Chamberlain and introduced the game in England.

4. Ooty Club Is The Birthplace Of Snooker Where Actually The Game Was Started With The Rules.

5. Interestingly, After The Game Was Born Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu Is Known As “Snooty Ooty”.

6. In 1927, The First Professional World Championship Took Place And Won By Joe Davis Who Won Continuously From The Past 15 Years.

7. In 1930, A Snooker Game Overtook The Billiards And Made One Of The Most Popular Games In The Uk.

8. There Are Top Indian Male Snooker Players:- Geet Sethi, Yasin Merchant, Pankaj Advani, Aditya Mehta, Lucky Vatnani.

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9. Vidya Pillai, Arantxa Sanchis, Chitra Magimairaj, Amee Kamani and Varsha Sanjeev are some of the top Indian Female Snooker Players.

Although Snooker Is Not Yet Part Of The Olympics But With The Boosting Number Of Players (That Is Over 12 Million), That Day Is Not Far When It Will Become One.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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