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Soccer Or Football: In Me Utna Hi Farak Hai Jitna Cricket Aur Gulli-Danda Me!!

Soccer Or Football: In Me Utna Hi Farak Hai Jitna Cricket Aur Gulli-Danda Me!!


Soccer or Football is a religion in some countries. But it’s a hush-hush when we don’t know which religion we are seeking. 

Well, to clear that unrest in your minds, and for you to know what are the rules of your religion we are right here:-

  1. What is Soccer or Football?
  • Soccer is a game where 11 players battle for the ball to be a goal through foot or head. 
  • While Football or (as its original term) ‘American Football’ is a game of rugby. In it, an oblong-shaped ball is passed, thrown and can be kicked as well.
  1. What to call it?
  • It’s crucial to understand the origin of both words. 
  • The term Football is a short form of its original word, ‘Association Football’. It was first coined in 1863. In the same way, Soccer is derived from the same shortening procedure. 
  •  While ‘Rugby’ was initially called Rugby Football to differentiate between both games.
  1. Where did all the confusion start?
  • For the rest of the world, Soccer and Football were hand in hand and meant the same thing. 
  • But in the US, it became necessary to distinguish between American Football and Soccer.
  1. Rules to Differentiate between Soccer or Football?
  • American Football players are permitted to use all of their appendages to carry the ball or intercept the play except their helmets. Soccer players are limited to the use of only two appendages. Due to this conspicuous impediment, they are additionally permitted to think carefully.
  1. Comparability Between the two games?
  • Both are played on fields 100 yards in length that are encompassed by 400-meter tracks.
  •  Both include 11 players on the field at some random time. 
  • Scoring has a slight contrast. Both games include an individual kicking a leather ball through a rectangular metal contraption. But, American Football additionally permits wide beneficiaries and running backs to score (just via conveying the ball across the touchline).

We know that Football or Soccer are two different sports and related at the same time. We are sure tons of us have been blessed with something new today. Do let us know regarding the same in the comment section below.

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