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Sociology Is Curious About Our Society More Than Neighboring Aunties

Sociology Is Curious About Our Society More Than Neighboring Aunties


Contrary to the honourable opinions of Jeetu Bhaiya, Sociology involves all the things, like, ‘Kahan kiski sarkar giri, kiski kis se shaadi hui, IPL kisne jeeta. Ye sab matter karta hai.’

On that note, have a look at all the things that has to offer:

1. ‘”Sociology,” naam se to kuch social sa hi lag raha hai.’

In the simplest of words, sociology is like the general science of society. Like biology is the thorough study of life and living organisms, it is the in-depth study of our society and its elements.


2. ‘But…why sociology?’

The purpose is to understand the influence of humans on their surrounding cultural and social structures, and vice-versa.


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3. ‘Sociology–ah! such nuances, much wow.’

The fascinating part about Sociology is that all of us and our seemingly trivial daily activities are a part of it. A colleague getting married, two friends getting into a fight, that old uncle going to temple every day, people protesting for a cause–everything comes under the radar.

4. ‘Bahuba…Sorry! “Sociology*-The Beginning”‘

French philosopher Auguste Comte is known as the Father of Sociology. He was the one who founded and positivism. The name, Sociology, was given to the discipline by Comte, and he established it as a properly structured subject.

5. ‘Sociology looks beyond the known territory.’

It is a practical-oriented subject, so closely related to our daily life. It helps us look past common perspectives and explore new opinions, social theories, and insights into human social life.


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6. ‘Let’s go to India then?’

Sociology originated as a distinct discipline in India in the period around the 1920s. Bombay University started teaching around 1914, but it was only after establishing sociology departments in Bombay (now, Mumbai) and Lucknow that the current academic sociology became formalized.

Bombay University

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7. ‘Sociology or Gulzar Sahab Ki Poetry? Which one is more profound?’

Since the discipline is so vast, sociology has too many subject matters, including education, healthcare, crime, law, business, discrimination, social movements, economy, war, etc. There will be many nuances to these subject matters as well. Phew, vast indeed!

8. ‘Sociology is about not only thinking but doing as well.’

It has proven itself to be very crucial and beneficial when it comes to the Lab of Society. Sociologists have analyzed the social issues that restricted the economic development of underdeveloped countries. It has helped economists counter those problems.

9. ‘Sociology goes from survey forms to powerful social media.’

Sociologists were the ones who came up with the idea of social surveys, and the idea has become one of the essential tools for getting opinions of people about almost any kind of research.

Sociologists surveys

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10. ‘Chahe tum kuch na kaho, maine sun liya–that’s Sociology.’

Sociologists are very good at analyzing human social behaviour and deriving valuable insights out of it. You say it out loud or keep to yourself–you are heard by when analyses & research takes place. The study helps in understanding the working of the social world and the possible changes.

11. ‘Chaliye kaam ki baat ki jaaye fir…’

Sociologists seem to have a lot of job options. It can never go out of demand or fashion! The research institutes, law firms, medical centres, educational institutions, advertising firms, private businesses are a few of the many job options available for a graduate.

Sociologists jobs

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Sociology and its study aren’t limited to the social behaviour of our society and its people. It also sheds light on the future, motives, aspirations, traditions, customs, culture, etc., concerned with the always interdependent individual of the society.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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