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Top Socks Brands Of India Along With Their Price

Top Socks Brands Of India Along With Their Price


If you love real cool sportswear, socks are a must, and here are the Top 10 Socks Brands Of India Along With Their Price, that you must buy!

  1. Jockey Men’s Socks
  • Price: Rs 129
  • A renowned and established apparel brand in the fashion industry provides high-quality socks.
  • It offers socks based on the choice and comfort of their customers. The material is a premium that can be regularly washed but not bleached.

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  1. Oshop Traders Men’s Socks
  • Price: Rs 199
  • Oshop Traders Men’s Socks has gained a good-repo for themselves in the market of socks.
  • Offering a variety of sock-types, the company mostly sells the mid-calf length socks.
Oshop Traders

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  1. Nike Socks
  • Price: Rs 245
  • Nike Socks is another established brand in the sock industry and overall fashion market.
  • The brand provides pure-cotton socks, that your skin will find cosy and comfy. These are ankle-length.
Nike Socks

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  1. RC Royals Socks
  • Price: Rs 330
  • RC Royal Socks is a well-known brand of socks, known for both formal and casual sock-wear.
  • Their socks are made of soft cotton, spandex and polyester.
RC Royals

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  1. Adidas AD 207 Socks
  • Price: Rs 419
  • Adidas is known mostly for shoes and clothes. The brand also produces highly comfy and soft socks!
  • The socks are of high-quality material and half cushion crew.
Adidas AD 207

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  1. Delhi Traders Socks
  • Price: Rs 640
  • Famous for valid reasons, Delhi Traders Socks are loved for its durability and quality.
  • These are made to reach the highest levels of comfort for every type of weather condition.
. Delhi Traders

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  1. Adidas Unisex Socks
  • Price: Rs 230
  • Another product of Adidas, this one is established and positively reviewed socks.
  • The socks are unisex, angle-grip and highly cosy socks.
Adidas Unisex

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  1. Camey Socks
  • Price: Rs 118
  • Camey is a brand that revolutionized the socks business.
  • Socks by Camey are made of various material types and in so many shades, that no other brand can compare to options that they provide to their customers!
  1. Balenzia Socks
  • Price: Rs 299
  • Balenzia Socks is a label known for its high-quality premium mercerized loafer socks.
  • The material used is 100% pure cotton. The socks are anti-slip silicon, made of ultra-breathable material and prevent sweat.
Balenzia Socks

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Amongst all these brands, the top-most brand is also, PUMA! The socks they provide are well-reviewed by customers for their price (Rs 165), unisex product and comfy fit.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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