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Some Interesting Facts About Gangs Of Wasseypur, The Cult Indian Crime Drama

Some Interesting Facts About Gangs Of Wasseypur, The Cult Indian Crime Drama



Facts about Gangs of Wasseypur is a blog for fans of this massively successful movie. The movie is the common choice of cinema lovers all over India. Not only India, but it has also garnered massive praise from the audience outside of India. Here are a few interesting facts about this masterpiece created by Anurag Kashyap and team:


1. Anurag Kashyap was adamant about shooting the movie in real locations to capture the authenticity region and its people. So his vision was to cast actors that are not very well-known to the local masses so that they don’t interrupt the shooting to meet the actors.


2. When the casting was going on, Anurag Kashyap presented Piyush Mishra to play either Ramadhir Singh or Nasir Ahmed, and Piyush was inclined towards playing Ramadhir Singh. But Kashyap wanted Piyush’s voice as the movie’s narrator and singer for Ik Bagal. So, he persuaded him to play Nasir Ahmed.


3. Anurag Kashyap laid down a condition in front of Aditya that he will get to play Perpendicular only if he learns to play around with a blade in his mouth. Aditya took up the challenge and practised the same for 8-10 months using a blunt blade.


4. Another one on the list of facts about Gangs of Wasseypur is Zeeshan Quadri, the movie’s writer, who handed over the script to Anurag Kashyap only after he agreed to cast Quadri.


5. When Anurag Kashyap saw a 12-year old boy slaughtering a buffalo without anyone’s help, he was intrigued by his brutality. It gave him the inspiration for Sultan Qureshi’s character (and us, another of the inspiring facts about Gangs of Wasseypur).


6. Kashyap wanted the visuals to be as authentic as possible. Therefore he picked an actual slaughterhouse as the shoot location for Sultan Qureshi and Ehsaan Qureshi’s scenes. With butchered body parts of animals lying around, the place smelled so bad that Kashyap gave directions from outside. The actors went in for the shoot. Vipin Sharma, the actor who played Ehsaan Qureshi, used to vomit frequently while shooting there.


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7. The scene where Sardar Khan and Asgar enquire to an ironsmith about making the local pistols known as ‘Katta,’ was shot in two bits. First, the director, Anurag Kashyap’s conversation with ironsmiths about the same was recorded. Later on, Kashyap’s video was replaced by Manoj Bajpayee.


8. According to the script, Shamshad Alam had to die when Definite entered his home with a pistol. But while shooting, Definite’s gun got stuck, and both the actors were so much into the character that they naturally proceeded with the shot, ending up in Shamshad running after Definite. Anurag Kashyap fell on the floor while laughing at its sight and decided to include a chase sequence in the movie.


9. Another amusing fact about Gangs of Wasseypur is about its music. Sneha Khanwalkar, the movie’s music director, brought elderly ladies from the nearby temple to record the chorus for the song Taar Bijli.


And these were some of the striking facts about Gangs of Wasseypur. With highly engaging visuals, a well-built storyline, music that perfectly fits the frame and some fun improvisations on set, these facts about Gangs of Wasseypur have made us realise that it was bound to become a hit! What’s your take on it?

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