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Spider Plants Naturally Purify The Polluted Or Poisonous Air

Spider Plants Naturally Purify The Polluted Or Poisonous Air

Spider Plants

Spider Plants are beautiful, tropical and variegated plants. They are easy to take care of along with being proven effective in purifying the indoor air from pollution, xylene and formaldehyde.

1. Spider Plant was first described as Chlorophytum comosum by naturalist Carl Peter Thunberg in the 1790s.

Spider Plants

2. Chlorophytum comosum is also commonly known as aeroplane plant, spider ivy, ribbon plant, hen & chickens and St Bernard’s Lily.

Chlorophytum comosum

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3. Spider Plants belong to the South of Africa but have steadily been naturalised throughout the world.

aeroplane plant

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4. Spider plant has fleshy roots, known as tuberous roots and grows from 5cm to 10cm long. The plant grows 60cm tall. It has leaves that are tall and narrow, 20cm-45cm in length and 6-25mm in breadth.

5. Flowers of Spider Plant are long and can grow 75cm long, steadily bending. The branches bear a group of flowers on their stem (inflorescence). The flowers that grow initially die to give space to the inflorescence flowers to grow and spread evenly.

6. Each flower of the Spider Plant is green & white in colour. They bore stalks and grow around 4mm to 8mm long. Each flower has 6 petals, 6mm to 9mm long and in the shape of a boat on the tip, with a long pollen-producing stamen.

7. This is a popular houseplant, loved to be kept indoors for decoration. The two variants are one with all dark-green leaves and second is with white shade in between the leaves that are of semi-green shade.

8. It is easy to grow and propagate. One can grow Spider Plants by potting a young plant (plantlet) into the soil. You can also cut and put it inside the soiled-pot.

Spider Plants

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9. Spider Plants can thrive in varying weather conditions and temperatures, from 2°C to 32°C.

If you have pets and children at home, then Spider Plants are the best choice to pick as they are not poisonous. In fact, 70-100 Spider Plant pots can help in filtering and reducing the toxic gases from the environment.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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