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Stilt House: House With Legs!

Stilt House: House With Legs!


Stilt houses are houses raised on stilts. Remember the ending scene of Welcome? The one where they all get stuck inside a stilt house. Don’t worry! not all stilt houses end up that way, unless, of course, your family is the King of the Mafia! Read on for more information:

  1. The houses stand on elevated platforms. The construction of a pile or stilt house is not limited to a specific region, but they are common in warm climates.

  2. As rods or poles are driven into the ground to support the structure, these are often called pile dwellings.

  3. These rods, poles, or stilts are known as piles. These piles may be fabricated using a range of materials.

  4. Depending on the structure to be built, the pile type should be determined. Let’s consider the different kinds of pilings used in the building of a stilt house:

a. Timber pilings

  • The items have been in use for over 6000 years.

  • Timber is a readily available and renewable resource.

  • Easy to handle, it is lightweight.

b. Concrete pilings

  • Corrosion does not occur in this material. 

  • The concrete covers steel rods to make the pile stronger.  

c. Steel pilings

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  • These pilings are used more frequently in bridge construction.

  • It is possible to shape them into many varying shapes.

  • The most common are the X shape and H shape cross-sections.

d. Composite pilings

  • It consists of two materials in the same pile. 

  • One material is in the bottom portion and the other in the top section.

Now you know the type of stilts to use in making your desired house “taaki apke sath vo Welcome vala scene na ho!” Tell us in the comments below have you ever been inside or seen a stilt house? 

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