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Case Of Stolen Vehicle? Well, We Hope For It’s Salamat Waapsi

Case Of Stolen Vehicle? Well, We Hope For It’s Salamat Waapsi

stolen vehicle

Bhai, before your dad finds out that his car has been stolen, take the following prescribed steps in the cases of a stolen vehicle:

*Pro-tip: start praying that it is returned to you as you last saw it!*

In Cases Of Stolen Vehicle One Must Call The Cops Immediately

Once you are sure that your car has neither been towed nor forgotten where you stayed, call the cops. Be ready with:

  • Some specific characteristics of your vehicle
  • Number of the plate (Licensed)
  • Vehicle identification number(VIN)
  • Whether you have any details about your GPS or tracking device
  • Where you last saw your car
stolen vehicle

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Call The Insuring Firm For Your Stolen Vehicle

  • Within 24 hours after the robber or as short as possible after filing the incident report, make a petition to the insurance provider. If you need more details from the insurance provider, contact them as soon as possible.
  • Your insurance provider might require additional detailing from the police.
  • Be ready with a list of all valuables in your vehicle (such as laptop or mobile, computer, exercise equipment, textbooks or tools).
  • He’ll also need a report from the police.

Be Ready For Bad-Lucks

  • Just half of the stolen vehicles (especially a car) are believed to be recovered.
  • Cars are mostly simply robbed for the pieces so that they can be removed and demolished almost effortlessly. 
  • When the vehicle is returned, regardless of these conditions, it might be defective or missing components.
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On The Return Of Your Stolen Vehicle, Check It!

  • You want to make sure that you get your vehicle back in a drivable position first.
  • Place a pair of latex gloves, pick up a lamp, and search inside the car for something you don’t have.
  • Please contact the police if you notice anything. 
  • At last, you don’t want anyone to get hurt, and you don’t want anything unforeseen with your car!

In The Future, Keep your Vehicle Safe

  • Now is the time to reflect on your whole case of a stolen vehicle and preventing thieves from touching your car ever again.
  • Consider getting anti-theft equipment like a new alarm or a GPS tracking device.
  • As an extra incentive, your vehicle insurance premium may also offer an anti-theft discount.

While there’s no tip as such for a safe return of your stolen vehicle, these points would help you keep calm. It’ll also help you to speed up the process of the prosecution and insurance claim.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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