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Strategizing In Gaming Benefits Brain So Game On, Even If It Costs 2GB!

Strategizing In Gaming Benefits Brain So Game On, Even If It Costs 2GB!



Who would have thought that strategizing in gaming gives you much more than a victory in an arcade match? But the best part is that it does. Strategy games have been the subject of many studies conducted to analyze their effect on brain functioning, and the findings were interesting. Have a look at them:


1. According to a study, strategizing in gaming improves cognitive flexibility. While playing multiplayer games, a person has to compete against different human opponents, all of whom think differently. The process of making counter-strategies leads to an increase in smartness.


2. Studies have shown that people who regularly play strategy games tend to make quick decisions and use their brain resources more efficiently and effectively.


3. Strategy games are like practice nets for testing out your strategies and getting real-time feedback. More or less, a game’s result acts as a measure of the efficacy of the player’s strategy, which reflects their thinking skills. The best part is that the person doesn’t have to bear a loss in real life if the strategy fails.


4. Playing strategy games has been shown to relieve stress. While playing strategy games, all of a person’s attention is focused on one place, and they get distracted from the very thing that made them feel stressed. At the same time, the player should play in bursts of 30 minutes or less instead of playing for long hours.


5. It would be chaos if all the team players practise differing strategies at the same time. Therefore all of them have to discuss and devise a joint strategy and co-operate while implementing it, which teaches teamwork to the players.


6. Some of the best strategy games for PC users:

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Port Royale 4

Iron Harvest

Starship Troopers-Terran Command

Crusader Kings 3

Gears Tactics 

The Settlers


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7. Some of the best strategy games for mobile users:

Clash of Clans

Shadow of Empires

Heroes of Flatlandia

Command and Conqueror: Rivals

Armor Age

Company of Heroes

War Alert: Red Lords


Well, didn’t that information come like a breath of fresh air? A sigh of relief? Of course, it was meant to. Exercising your brain while having fun, what more can a gamer ask for?

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