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Visit Hyderabad To Get Desserted

Visit Hyderabad To Get Desserted


In Hyderabad, you can satisfy the taste buds of anyone with street food. If you like sweet, hot, spicy, cold, crispy, or savoury street food, Hyderabad has it all. Get ready to explore tastes beyond the authentic Hyderabadi biryani if you are visiting Hyderabad. You can find Mughal food as well as modern dishes in this metropolitan.

We help you explore the best street food in Hyderabad along with the places where you can enjoy it.

Qubani ka meetha

It is an Indian sweet made of dried apricots originally from Hyderabad, India. It is popular at Hyderabadi weddings.

What are the best places in Hyderabad that serve Qubani ka meetha?

  • Haleem Battis during Ramzan season sells this dish.
  •  It’s also available at most restaurants.

Irani Chai  

It is a popular drink in Hyderabad made with milk, tea powder, and elaichi along with other aromatic spices. 

What are the best places to taste Irani Chai in Hyderabad? 

  • Café Alpha, Secunderabad Railway Station
  • Zeeshan Café, Golconda
  • Madina Café, Charminar
  • Niloufer Cafe
  • The Old City, Tolichowki, Nampally, Koti, and Abids have many cafes as well
Irani Chai

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Here is another signature dish of Hyderabad. Haleem is a favourite dish of non-vegetarians during Ramzan. Haleem is prepared with pure ghee, spices, dry fruits, and nuts, along with mutton, barley, and wheat.

Haleem in Hyderabad where to find the best?

  • Pista House
  • Café Bahar
  • Paradise
  • Shah Ghouse

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Kebabs and Keema 

Visiting this heritage city, you must try the Mughlai kebabs and Hyderabadi Kheema. No matter if you want them as a snack or starter, they’ll satisfy your non-vegetarian taste buds like nothing else. 

What are the best places to eat kebabs in Hyderabad?

  • Sarvi Take away, banjara Hills
  • Bawarchi, RTC Roads
  • Siddique Kebabs, Tolichowki
  • Paradise Restaurant
  • Barbeque Nation

Kaddu ki kheer 

Foodies will enjoy this sweet treat! Kheer made of bottle gourd, milk, ghee, sugar, and dry fruits is best enjoyed chilled. Haleem battis are also a popular street food of Hyderabad that you can find during Ramzan season.

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Where can one find Kaddu ki kheer in Hyderabad?

  • Bawarchi restaurant
  • Paradise
  • Niloufer Café
kaadu ki kheer

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Lukmi, a Hyderabadi version of Samosa, is a popular snack and street food in Hyderabad. Lukhmi is available in vegetarian and vegan varieties. It is a delicious evening snack when paired with chai.

What are the best places in Hyderabad to eat Lukhmi?

  • Irani cafes, including Alpha Hotel and Garden Restaurant
  • As well as many bakeries 

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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