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Subodh Gupta: The Guy Who Can Tell Stories Through utensils.

Subodh Gupta: The Guy Who Can Tell Stories Through utensils.


“Khaali bartan sirf shor nahi karte, bolte bhi hain!” can be said for the artist, Subodh Gupta.


If you think utensils are just for eating, hold on! This man can alter your opinion without even saying a word, quite literally. Subodh Gupta uses utensils that we use for eating to create artworks that speak way too much more than their sizes.


Get an insight into this man, quite a magician and peculiar artist of India, ladies and gentleman, presenting to you the world of Subodh Gupta:


  1. Janaab, aap ki tareef?

Subodh Gupta is a contemporary artist from New Delhi. He is skilled in various art forms like sculpture, installation, painting, performance and photography. He is mainly known for the sculptures made from everyday metal objects like lunch boxes, tin cans and cookware.

Janaab, aap ki tareef?
  1. Subodh Gupta ke shurwaati saal:

Subodh Gupta was born in the year 1964 in the small town of Khagaul in Bihar. When he was 12 years old, his father passed away at the age of 40, after which his mother sent him to a remote village to live with her brother for a few years. He completed his schooling there.

  1. Subodh Gupta ke kalakaar hone ki shuruwaat:

Subodh Gupta became one of the actors in a small theatre group in Khagaul after finishing school. He used to make posters for advertising plays. It was then when he realized his talent for drawing and painting.

Subodh Gupta ke kalakaar hone ki shuruwaat:

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  1. And the journey began…

To Subodh, painting gave a sense of independence. All it required was him and colours (no director, producer or camera). He enrolled himself at the College of Arts & Crafts in Patna in 1983 to study Bachelor of Fine Arts while simultaneously working as a part-time illustrator for a newspaper.

  1. For Subodh Gupta, it’s ab Dilli door nahi!

After graduating from college, Gupta moved to Delhi and struggled as a painter for a few years. During this time, he met a UK-born painter Bharti Kher, who eventually became his wife later.

For Subodh Gupta, it's ab Dilli door nahi!

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  1. Let’s change the route:

After meeting his wife, Subodh decided to give a shot at making sculptures. His childhood and his roots were his primary sources of inspiration. He used to travel to rural areas to create new artworks.

  1. Toh chaliye Subodh Gupta Janaab, ab shuru karte hain!

In 1996, Subodh Gupta did his first installation, titled 29 Mornings, featuring 29 stools. Gupta revealed that he has a deep sense of attachment with stools because his meals were served on wooden stools back in his hometown. 29 Mornings became the breakthrough of Gupta’s career as a contemporary artist.

  1. Tum mujhe bartan do, mai tumhe art dunga!

Subodh Gupta became famous for making artworks from everyday objects such as the steel utensils used in households throughout the country. His works are inspired by India, Indian society and the economic transformation of his native place, among some other themes.

  1. My Mother and Me

A man of vision and truly an artist at heart, Subodh Gupta carves his artworks out of objects that can narrate a story and have cultural significance. He made a 10-feet-tall cylindrical artwork from cow dung on a layer of ash, titled, My Mother and Me.

  1. Let me say it before you do-Bihari!

In 1999, he used cow dung to make a self-portrait, writing the word “Bihari” on it, using the LED lights. The artwork was a take on the term “Bihari”. The word is used to demean the people of Bihar based on the economy of the state.

Let me say it before you do-Bihari!

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Hugely popular and critically acclaimed, Subodh Gupta is currently working in Gurugram, where he lives with his family. Still active in his career, he is still feeding the souls of people with his empty utensils.

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