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Did Shiva create the Sudarshan Chakra Of Vishnu?

Did Shiva create the Sudarshan Chakra Of Vishnu?

Sarthak Mittal
Sudarshan Chakra

Do you know that One Weapon without which attire of Vishnu or Krishna always remains incomplete? Yes! Sudarshan Chakra. But from where has it come? Well, there are many varied beliefs and tales about it.

Here is one of the many believed stories behind Sudarshan Chakra.

1. There was a time when Asuras (demons) used to torture the Cosmic Gods almost every day

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2. Cosmic Gods were suffering so much that they had no other option left but to see Lord Vishnu regarding the matter, seeking help. They had to defeat the demons to protect themselves.

3. Once in front of Vishnu, the Supreme Lord, they told their situation to Him. But, He replies to them that he lacks the required powers to destroy Asuras. He knew that only Lord Shiva can help.

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4. When Vishnu went to see Lord Shiva, he found Him in meditation. He did not want to disturb Shiva, He sat down, praying to Shiva, hoping that his voice would reach Shiva one day.

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5. Vishnu prayed and chanted the name of Shiva with great devotion. He offered thousand Lotus blossoms to Shiva each day. Vishnu’s prayers were answered when, after many years, Shiva finally came out of his meditation.

6. Lord Vishnu hurried and ran to gather one thousand Lotus blossoms to worship Lord Shiva. Shiva had already planned that he would grant Vishnu whatever he wanted, but first, he desired to test Him.

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7. Shiva secretly went to the place where Vishnu placed the flowers. He stole one of them. While offering his prayers, Lord Vishnu soon realized that one Lotus was missing. Vishnu without any delay, plucked-out one of His eyes, devoting it to Shiva.

8. Seeing such devotion of Vishnu, Shiva was pleased. He came in front Vishnu and asked him what He desired. Vishnu asked for a weapon that can help Him defeat the Asuras.


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9. Shiva gave Him Sudarshan Chakra. He told Vishnu that, no matter how many demons might come to attack Vishnu or any other God, this Chakra can defeat them all.

Sudarshan Chakra

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Well, if this school of thought is believed, then, the only question that strikes one mind is, who is the Supreme One, Vishnu or Shiva? Or both?

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