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Sureshwar: The 19th Avatar Of Lord Shiva

Sureshwar: The 19th Avatar Of Lord Shiva

Sarthak Mittal

One of the intriguing stories of Avatars of Lord Shiva is of his 19th incarnation as Sureshwar. Read the same in this column.

1. Once, there was a child named Upmanyu. He was the son of Sage Vyaghrapaad. He was brought up in the house of his maternal uncle, since childhood.

Sureshwar, Shiva

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2.One day, Upmanyu was crying for milk. He asked his mother to give him milk. Mother told him to please Lord Shiva as only he could provide him milk.

milk bottle

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3. On his mother’s advice, Upmanyu went to Himalaya Mountain. He began Tapasya (penance). Because of his penance, so much heat was generated, that all the three worlds started to burn.

Himalaya Mountain

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4. To test his devotion, Shiva and Parvati appeared before him in the form of Indra and Indrani. Both of them told Upmanyu to stop doing penance, asking him to stop worshipping Shiva.

5. They said as Indra and Indrani that they were pleased by his devotion and could fulfil all his desires. At the same time, they abused Shiva in front of Upmanyu.

6. Upmanyu became furious and stood up to attack Indra, but the couple revealed their identity. They were satisfied by the devotion of Upmanyu and blessed him.

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7. Lord Shiva, pleased by Upmany, promised him that he would be present in the vicinity of hermitage along with Parvati forever.


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Thus, Shiva was called Sureshwar because he appeared in the guise of Indra.

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