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Survival Horror Games Are Here To Soothe Your Spooky Cravings!

Survival Horror Games Are Here To Soothe Your Spooky Cravings!

Survival Horror Games

Survival Horror Games are a mix of action, adventure, and horror. These ones try to engulf players in fear with their scary graphics and spooky audio. You gotta’ collect resources, investigate the area, complete the objective and try to survive from Monsters or Ghosts or Zombies from eating your brains out!

  1. Survival Horror Games! Idea Kiska Tha Ye?
  • Survival games were influenced by horror games like Sweet Home (1989) and Alone in Dark (1992).
  • The release of Resident Evil in 1996 changed the whole scenario of Survival Horror Games. It created a new genre of its own which blew the minds of gamers—like—literally! Spooky.
  • Continue reading for diving inside the world of horror that every gamer should indulge in surviving once.
Survival Horror Games

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  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has more action and horror than other games in the Resident Evil franchise (it is the 9th addition to it).
  • You play Ethan Winters, rescuing your wife. She has been missing since 2014! Hey, are you even married yo’ kid?
  • Release Date: 24 January 2017
  • Mode: Single Player
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Game size: 24GB
  • Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

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  1. Pacify
  • Pacify is full of intense scares, and you have to be very careful in your moves.
  • You play as a PAH (Paranormal Activity Helpers) employee, investigating a creepy haunted house. Find the keys to calm the ghosts before the supernatural binds you in its spell.
  • Release Date: 22 February 2019
  • Mode: Single Player Mode, Co-op Mode, PVP Mode.
  • Developer: Shawn Hitchcock
  • Game size: 6GB
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Operating System, Classic Mac OS.
Pacify game

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  1. Outlast II
  • It is a sequel to Outlast, released in 2013, containing horror, intense violence, sexual content, and bold language.
  • Blake Langermann and his wife Lynn are Investigative Journalists investigating the murder of a pregnant woman named Jane Doe. They have some serious business at hand, Watson.
  • Release Date: 25 April 2017
  • Mode: Single Player 
  • Developer: Red Barrels
  • Game size: 23.42 GB
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch
Outlast II

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  1. Left 4 dead 2
  • A pandemic outbreak has turned humans into Zombies, and no, we are not talking about coronavirus.
  • Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle are trying to fight through hordes of zombies in an attempt to reach the safe zone. Thank God, it is not for real–or–wait a minute…?
  • Release Date: 17 November 2009
  • Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer
  • Developer: Valve
  • Game size: 13 GB
  • Platforms: Xbox 360, Classic macOS, Microsoft Windows
Left 4 dead 2

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  1. Dead By Daylight
  • This multiplayer game is played as 4v1, where 1 will be the Slayer and the other 4 players will be the survivors. It contains intense violence, foul language and requires teamwork.
  • Survivors have to fix 4 engines and open a gate to exit without getting caught by a slayer! So, are you ready? Long day at work ahead.
  • Release Date: 14 June 2016
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Developer: Behaviour Interactive
  • Game size: 8 GB
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  1. 7 Days To Die
  • 7 Days To Die is a survival horror game with a combination of role-playing and FPS (First Person Shooter).
  • Like survival games, you have to build a craft, search for food and water, and basically—survive. That is what we all do, right?
  • Release Date: 14 December 2013
  • Mode: singleplayer, multiplayer
  • Developer: The Fun Pimps
  • Game size: 4 GB
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Microsoft Windows
  1. Soma
  • Soma is a psychological horror game where you get clues, such as notes and audiotapes.
  • Once in it, you will be encountering several creatures embodying an aspect of the game’s theme. Interesting. You should try it once.
  • Release Date: 22 September 2013
  • Mode: singleplayer
  • Developer: Frictional Games
  • Game size: 25GB
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Microsoft Windows
Soma Survival Horror Games

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2020 is still on the top in one of the most horror worlds ever. Before 2021 breaks the record, try out these Survival Horror Games yourself or team up with your friends and dive into the world of stimulation, supernatural, and survival.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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