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Swaddling: Wrapping A Baby Into A Blanket Is Not As Simple As You Think

Swaddling: Wrapping A Baby Into A Blanket Is Not As Simple As You Think

Swaddling is a common practice to look after newborn babies (a complex term with a simple meaning). Many of us are unaware that there is more to it than just wrapping your little one in a blanket. Let us have a look at what the practice is:

1. Zara aasaan bhasha me batayenge?

  • Swaddling is the act of comfy wrapping the baby in a blanket.

  • It must be done in a way that the whole of their body (except their head) is snug inside the blanket comfortably.


2. In that house around the corner, in that city around the globe:

  • Remember the last time you went to see a newborn baby?

  • The baby wrapped up like a cotton ball might have been enough to tell you that swaddling is a common practice that happens globally.


3. This touch feels familiar:

  • To save your baby from feeling like ‘Yeh kahan aa gaye hum,’ swaddling makes the baby feel like it is still in the womb, feeling all safe, warm, and cosy.


4. Statue!

  • While sleeping, you might have felt like you are falling from a height, and you can’t control it. The same thing (called the Moro Reflex) happens with the babies within the first 3 to 4 months of their birth.

  • Swaddling counters the involuntary movements of the baby because of the Moro Reflex, letting your little one (including you) sleep peacefully.


5. Atma Nirbhar right from the start:

  • Swaddling a baby with its hands over its chest is the most advisable sleeping position for babies.

  • It teaches them to self-soothe, so they can fall asleep themselves, without you picking them up and doing a complete house tour.


6. Har cheez ki ek limit hoti hai, temperature ki bhi:

  • Swaddling tightly, particularly near the head, makes it difficult for the baby’s body temperature to cool down. It can lead to hyperthermia.

  • An abnormal rise in the baby’s body temperature (hyperthermia) can be deadly for babies and should be avoided.


7. Fragile, handle with care!

  • ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ is not always correct! You have to be gentle while swaddling your baby.

  • If the baby’s legs get pressed together and straight down, the baby might experience hip problems. Precisely, hip dysplasia.


8. Matlab, heads ya tails?

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  • Swaddling has an air of confusion around it. Not every child needs swaddling, and for the ones who do, it should be done correctly.

  • Basically, “Swaddling karo to carefully karo Purushottam bhai, warna mat karo.”


9. Technique galat na ho tumhari:

-Spread out the blanket on a flat surface.

-Fold one end of a diagonal of the blanket about 6 inches inwards.

-With its head above the folded corner, place the baby on the blanket 

-Wrap the left corner of the blanket over the baby’s body and tuck it under its right arm.

-Wrap the right corner of the blanket over the baby’s body and tuck it under its left side.

-Loosely fold and tuck the bottom of the blanket under one side of the baby.

-Ensure a gap of two or three fingers between the baby’s chest and the blanket.


As sweet as the word itself sounds, swaddling needs a lot of responsibility and proper attention. Handle your fragile newborn with care. It is always advisable to learn more about such things from a certified professional.

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