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Sweets of East India That Are Filled With Warmth & Devotion

Sweets of East India That Are Filled With Warmth & Devotion

Ritika Gupta

Ever tasted a Bihari Sweet? If not that you must try some from the following Sweets of East India!

  1. Thekua

Famous in almost all the Eastern States of India is the Sweet named, Thekua (Thowka or Thekariis) and is a prime offering during the festival of Chhath. It is a deep-fried delicacy made with wheat flour, sugar/jaggery, cardamom and ghee/vegetable oil.

  1. Khaja

Another widely homemade sweet is Khaja. It is again made with similar kinds of ingredients as Thekua but is filled with coconut/dry-fruits in the middle. Also, it is sugar-coated.

  1. Tilkut

A beloved sweet of Makar Sankranti is Tilkut, steadily reaching the states of the north as well. Gur and Shakkar can be used as an alternative to sugar at times, making Tilkut attain its 3-kinds of flavours. The main ingredient is Sesame Seed or Til.

  1. Chhena Poda

Made with Chenna Cheese, this is a roasted-sweet, mostly eaten in Odisha. The sugar is caramelized for making a burned sweet–Chenna Poda.

  1. Darbesh

Darbesh is a sweet-Ladoo, coming straight from Bengal and steadily becoming popular around the Northern Indian States as well, especially during the time of Durga Pooja and Diwali festival. Its prime ingredients are Gram Flour or Besan, Rose Water and Seedless Grapes or Sultanas.

  1. Rasgulla 

And talking of Bong Sweets, how can one at all miss Rasgulla. Known for its sponginess filled with sweet syrup, it is perhaps amongst the most loved sweets of East India.

  1. Dehrori

Made primarily with Rice, Curd, Stevia or Mithi Tulsi, Cardamom and Cloves, this one might be rarely heard sweet by many, made in the Eastern states of the subcontinent.

  1. Sitabhog

This one is mostly cooked in Bardhaman, West Bengal. It is the main ingredients of Chhana (Cottage Cheese), Rice Flour and Sugar. Don’t be fooled by its cooked-rice appearance. It is sweet!

See Also

  1. Mihidana 

If one is talking about Sitabhog, how can one possibly miss its variant, Mihidana! Again a cuisine of Bardhaman, Bengal, it is made with Fine Basmati Rice.

These were just 9 Sweets in East India, there are many more. Go on and irritate your Eastern Friends to make you fat with these and other sweets of East India!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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