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Sweets Of North India That You Just Cannot Miss Trying!

Sweets Of North India That You Just Cannot Miss Trying!

Ritika Gupta

Something you just cannot miss being the part of Delhi or UP is, the Sweets of North India!


Try out these 7 must-taste sweets of North India!

  1. Gond ke Laddu

A famous sweet of Haryana, Gond Ke Laddu is made with Whole Wheat Flour, Seeds, Dry Coconut, Ginger Powder, Powdered Sugar, Makhane and Dry Fruits.

Gond ke Laddu
  1. Dabbroo

A true Himachali Delight made Wheat Flour and Milk. It is a type of pancake, which can be instantaneous.

  1. Pinni

A sweet-delicacy of Punjab, Pinni has become quite popular among the diverse groups of India, especially on festivals. Different than the usual, the essential ingredients in this dessert are Atta or whole wheat, semolina and dry-fruits.

  1. Ghevar

Diwali comes later, and Ghevar is already standing on the porch to greet you on a sweet-morning. It is a disc-shaped dessert from Rajasthan, soaked inside a sugar-syrup and is made with Flour, Nuts and at times, decorated with Silver.

  1. Bal Mithai

A dessert of Uttarakhand and Kumaon vicinity, Bal-Mithai has gained quite a space for itself in North India. It is made with Khoya. Made with cane sugar. Its speciality is its coating, done with the tiny sugar balls and it looks like a fudge of chocolate.

  1. Balushahi

UP, along with Delhi, has no particular specialised dessert as but Balushahi, sugar-dipped and coated and deep-fried, is indeed you cannot miss being in North India.


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7. Khaja

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Khaja is popular in the state of Bihar (and also in Nepal). It is another Sugar-Soaked Delicacy which is deep-fried and is crisp, made with wheat flour, with the filling of dry fruits, nuts or coconut inside.


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Other than these, there are a lot more desserts, including Malaiyyo, Gulab-Jamun, Petha, Pan Ki Gilori, etc.

What are some of your favourite Sweets in North India?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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