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Sweets of West India That You Need To Try Right Away!

Sweets of West India That You Need To Try Right Away!

Ritika Gupta
Sweets of West India

There are dozens of Sweets of West India and here is the list of those sweets that you must-try!

Here are 7 Sweets of West India that you need to try at least once in your lifetime!

1. Bebinca

A sweet from Goa, Bebinca is an Indo-Portugal Pudding made with Flour, Egg Yolk and Coconut Milk.


2. Basundi

A sweet of Gujarat, this one is made from sweetened condensed milk and is usually made on Kali Chaudas and Bhai Dooj. It also has variations like Sitaphal Basundi and Angoor Basundi.


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3. Modak

This one looks like momo and is a sweet-dumpling, considered favourite of Lord Ganesha, filled in the centre and covered with Maida or Rice Flour.

4. Ghevar

A disc-shaped sweet, with sugar-syrup inside, made with Flour, Nuts and adorned with Silver at times.


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5. Khoya Jalebi

This sweet is like a symbol of India. Madhya Pradesh is credited often to have originated Khoya Jalebi. It is made with Maida. Other ingredients include Sugar, Dry Fruits and Saffron.

Khoya Jalebi

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6. Mohanthal

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It is a Burfi made with Besan, usually associated with Gujarat. The ingredients also include Sweetened Gram Flour, Saffron and Nuts. The sweet tastes like a dense fudge flavour.


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7. Mawa-Bati

Another deep-fried sweet made with Mawa and filled with dry-fruits. The dough is then soaked inside the sugar.


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There are many more sweets in the Sweets of West India that are yet to be discovered by other states of India. How many of the above have you tried? Is there any you would like to recommend to us?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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