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Styles And Strokes In Swimming That You Must Learn!

Styles And Strokes In Swimming That You Must Learn!

Kali Sharma

Swimming is a life-guard skill that everyone must learn. It is also a cherished water-sport, and learners love to experiment with various styles and strokes once they are ready to nourish their skills as a swimmer.

Following are the different types of Styles and Strokes to try out when you jump into the pool next!

1. Freestyle/Front Crawl: Lie on your stomach with your body parallel to the water. Push yourself forward with alternating arm movements in a windmill motion. It is also the first and fastest swimming stroke.

2. Backstroke: Doctors recommend this to an individual with back pain. Perform this by floating on your back, alternating your arms like a windmill in a backward motion, and keep your body straight.

3. Breaststroke: Slowest competitive swimming stroke performed with your stomach facing down while arms move simultaneously beneath the surface of the water in a half-circular movement.

4. Butterfly: This one is difficult and tiring to learn. It is performed by starting horizontally, with your stomach facing to the bottom of the pool. Bring your arms simultaneously over your head and push them into the water, performing a dolphin kick with your legs.

5. Sidestroke: This stroke is one of the safest. It is used by safeguards because it most easily allows you to pull something along with you. It lets you swim on your side while pushing yourself forward with a scissor kick and alternating arm-movements.

6. Elementary Backstroke: Another variation of Backstroke is a reversed breaststroke. Move your legs and arms in sync below the water; kick as you move. This stroke is named elementary because of its simple technique that’s easy to pick even by new learners

7. Combat Side-Stroke: The combination of breaststroke, freestyle, and sidestroke that is learned by all US Navy SEALs. It is efficient and energy-saving, allowing you to be less visible with maximum efficiency.

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8. Trudgen: A unique style, as in this, your head remains above the water for the entirety. It was invented by John Trudgen and evolved from sidestroke where you need to do the alternate lifting of arms in the water. Also, you’ll be doing a scissor kick which comes in every other stroke.

If you can practice all of the above tricks, then you are ready to pick up this aquatic sport on some competitive grounds and shine in the world of Swimming!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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