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Ping Pong, Table Tennis Ki Dancing Ball

Ping Pong, Table Tennis Ki Dancing Ball


Table Tennis means “dhal gaya din ho gayi shaam…” on a table divided by net and players hitting a light ball with small rackets. This sport is also known as “whiff-whaff” and “ping pong,” as the ball used in the game is known as “ping pong ball”. It comes back and forth across the table using these small rackets. So, grab your cute racket! Find below what you need to know about Table Tennis:

  1. History Of Table Tennis
  • Table Tennis was known, a game for the higher class. Mostly, it was played in a parlour, Victorian England Era.
  • But, it originally had a British origin. People of Great Britain loved to play tennis.
  • Soon, it was transformed into an indoor game by them. By 1910 a Table Tennis Association and Ping Pong Association was set up for the game’s development.
  1. Three Golden Eras Of Table Tennis
  • Hard Bat Era (from the 1920s to 1950s): In this era, rubber bats with pimples were used.
  • Sponge Bat Era: A racket with a thick sponge bat was invented.
  • Speed of Glue and Tennis Technology: The glue increased the paddle’s spin and speed.
  1. Table Tennis Is For Peace Lovers
  • Table Tennis not only increases your physical agility but helps in peacemaking between the two countries!
  • When the cold war between the US and China was about to burst out, Table Tennis was used to warm up their frozen relationship.
  • ‘Friendship first and competition second,’ was a slogan used by both countries.
  1. Bade Papa Of Table TennisĀ 
  • Every game has an organisation that manages all its work throughout the world with prescribed rules and regulations.
  • The world’s famous organisation for Table Tennis is known as the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), created in 1926 and has 226 member countries.
  • The Soviet Union banned Table Tennis from 1930 to 1950 due to various eye conditions.
  1. Table Tennis Ball
  • The Table Tennis table is not that easy to go with, as it also measures the height of its bouncing. According to Rules, when a ball is dropped at 30.5cm height, it should bounce within 24-26cm.
  • Also, there are changes in the manufacturing of Table Tennis balls as earlier it was made out of celluloid. Since 2015 plastic is used for manufacturing it.
  • Mostly the colour of the ball is either white or orange with matte touch. The table also plays a vital role in determining the choice of the ball.
  1. Table Tennis As Calorie Cutter
  • Well-known as a calorie cutter and mind enhancer, Table Tennis needs quick action to hit the ball, leading to calorie-sheds.
  • Also, the movement of the ball requires a lot of focus. It also needs brain agility to set up coordination between mind and hands. It leads to the strengthening of brain muscles too.

Don’t sit now if you are waiting for more reasons to play this game…just get up and hit it!

Also, there is the world’s first robot Table Tennis tutor named Forpheus certified in the Guinness World Records. So, if your “pitaji” have lots of money, go and learn Table Tennis from a robot tutor.

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