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But How A Table Came Into Existence, Invading “Rooms”?

But How A Table Came Into Existence, Invading “Rooms”?


A table is an item of flathead with one or more legs. The table is the heart of the interior or decor, whether it’s the dining table, coffee table, or conference table.

A table is just not a piece of furniture. It reflects the strength, power, and the central point of unity as a “head of the table,” but have you ever wondered how a table came into existence?

1. The word (table) comes to us from the Latin word (tabula), meaning a board, plank, flat top piece.

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2. Earlier, tables came from the Egypts used as an object for placing stuff and playing games.

3. The purpose of using tables in ancient times versus now is so different. The concept of solid oak dining and coffee tables did not exist at that time.

4. Do you know how the game table came into existence? Initially, the game tables were used by the rich ones. These were intended to function well as attractive pieces of furniture.

5. Greeks developed the concept of dining tables.

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6. In the 17th century, the first refectory table appeared, used as supporting a sizable banquet in the great hall or other reception room of a castle.

7. Chinese used wooden or metal tables for creating artworks.

8. In 2013, a 3294 ft table in the United Arab Emirates was the ever-measured longest-table!

measured longest-tables

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9. Do you know the price of the World’s most expensive table? The Tuft Pier Table is the World’s most expensive table, with a price tag of $ 4.6 million.

World's most expensive table

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Did you know that George Christen of Luxembourg in 2008 made a world record by lifting a table with a person sitting on it with his teeth? Crazy huh!!!

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