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How To Take Care Of Guinea Pigs?

How To Take Care Of Guinea Pigs?


A new parent to a new pet, Guinea Pig? Searching for How to Take Care of Guinea Pigs? Then you have reached the right place!

  1. The first thing you need to know to take care of Guinea Pigs is their environment and temperature. They like cool climates but also, cannot survive the high temperatures, which can cause them heat stroke.

2. Guinea Pigs are great pets as they do not need a lot of vaccinations. Nonetheless, they can suffer from breathing, gut and dental problems.

3. To take care of guinea pigs, you must take care of their teeths, which keep on growing their entire life. As they are herbivores, you can help them keep their teeths down with grass hay pellets.

  1. The gut of Guinea Pigs are sensitive and so, to take care of Guinea Pigs, keep in mind to not rapidly change their diet.

5. Only a few antibiotics suit Guinea Pigs. As they are not capable of transforming the glucose or sugar to Vitamin C by themselves, you need to give them the supplement of Vitamin C–50 milligrams everyday.

6. Guinea Pigs are free animals, who were first domesticated in 2000 BC in South America. Do not try to restrict them. It can panic them. Instead let them be free. They are peaceful pets.

7. Guinea Pigs love clean environments. When choosing a bedding for these animals, try not to avoid pine or cedar beds, which can harm their lungs and can be toxic to their liver.

8. When deciding a cage, make it spacious. Let it be 30 inches wide and around 35 inches high. Remember to clean it routinely.

9. As guinea pigs are lazy, make them exercise by placing a larger wheel for them. If you want to take care of guinea pigs, you must know that, they are prone to obese. So, you need to be sure, to make them exercise.

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Although guinea pigs are adorable and easy to handle, before petting them, you must know that guinea pigs only live for 6 to 8 years.

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