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Taking Care Of Rabbits: The Sanitization Lovers

Taking Care Of Rabbits: The Sanitization Lovers


Taking care of rabbits can be a tough task, as these pets love sanitization. Rabbits can be defined as, cute bug-bunny with a 360-degree visionary angle. It loves to be as hygienic as much you want your kids to be. Rabbits are the clean masters of their surroundings. So, how to watch-guard the stomach of this Bun-nyyyyy?

  1.  Yaari-Dosti Forever: They are happy when they have a good company they want. In short, they are too friendly with their caretakers.

2. Hutch-Sweet-Hutch: The rabbits love to roam freely in their nest. Be sure that their home is super spacious (80cm square, minimum) as they adore to spend most of the time in their cage. Small cages make them anxious and stressed.

3. A Feeding Dish: Orange directs to peace so as a carrot for the bunnies. The carrot is rich in sugar, but it should be fed in smaller amounts. In their diet, it is recommended to serve their dish in a palette. 

4. घूमना- फिरना: “Ghumna-firna Toh Basic Hai Bawa Taking Care Of Rabbits Mein!” Rabbits like to roam and play on open-grounds. Being a part of a family member, the caretaker should definitely take them out for a walk or to a park. 

5. Lovey-Dovey: Bunnies are those species that are lovable and love to be cuddled by the person holding them. They are soft to touch. They need warmth and care.

6. Taking care of Dont’s: In taking care of rabbits, you should remember to not give nuts to your Lil’ bunny, as they are the source of indigestion. Do not feed them with high-carb food items like bread, pasta, etc.

7. Just POOP Out: As they poop, make sure you clean the mess as soon as possible.

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Rabbits are cute and their caretakers must take care of their diet, hygiene and cleanliness of their cages.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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