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What is Technology?

What is Technology?

Ritika Gupta

Technology in the world of today is often defined as a manipulation of the natural way of living. But, on a literal note, technology can be defined as some kind of useful tool that is crafted after the practical application of science.

As Ranchor Baba has told us in 3 Idiots, “A machine is anything that reduces human effort and reduces time.”

In this blog, we will take a little look inside the world & word: Technology.

  1. The term is derived from techne (Greek) which means ‘making of the art’.
Greek architecture, Monuments

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2. Technology can be the knowledge (of/around a machine), process (of how it works) and the device itself.

vr camera

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3. “Anything which has an input, process and output” can be defined as technology (or the technological system/process). It helps a human to do a particular task more efficiently and effectively, saving the human effort.

computer language

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4. It has been developing since the Prehistoric times, when the early humans first controlled the fire and later on, in Neolithic times, discovered a wheel. With such discoveries comes an urge to control our surroundings. Thus, technology is considered manipulative (towards nature).

tech wheel, Wood wheel

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5. Although developing from seemingly time unending, for having a positive impact on the world. Technological processes today have also resulted in some unwanted outputs, like, garbage landfills, depression and pollution.

water pollution

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6. Such undesired by-products have led the society to come out and discuss the ways out to uproot them and at the same time keep using technology for efficiency and comfort of humans (without disturbing the planet’s natural process).

trash bottle

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7. “Is engineering, science and technology the one and the same thing?” then we would say that they might be interconnected, as there is no clear distinction between them.

8. Nonetheless, it can be differentiated as follows: science is about observing and experimentation, engineering is about tool-designing and manipulation of material (usually, through the application of scientific techniques). Technology is about stamping a mark on the final engineered product, judging it around its ultimate use, safety and purpose.

Doctor lens

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9. We think that in the world of today, possibly no aspect of human life has remained untouched by technology.

technology, Doctor, Scientist

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But you remain the product of nature, right? Or? What do you think?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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