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9 Temples Of Bihar That You Must Explore!

9 Temples Of Bihar That You Must Explore!

Sarthak Mittal

You must be already aware of the much-heard Temples of Mahabodhi and Navlakha Temples of Bihar. Here are 9 of the other significant Temples of Bihar that you must know about (if you don’t already)!

  1. Ajgaivinath Temple
  • Located in Sultanganj, near Bhagalpur.
  • It is one of the most famous temples of Lord Shiva in Bihar.

2. Mundeshwari Devi Temple

  • Located on the Hills of Mundeshwari (or Mudesvari) in Ramgarh Village, Kaimur District.
  • Believed to be one of the earliest Hindu Temples of Bihar and India, that is still as active as before. It is dedicated to Shiva and Shakti.

3. Mandar Giri Hindu & Jain Temple

  • There are small Hindu & Jain Temples located on the mythologically significant hills of Mandar, Banka District.
  • According to the Hindu Puranas and the Epic Tale of Mahabharata, Mandar Parvat is that very hill, from where the Samudra Manthan (Churning of Ocean) for Amrit (Elixir) happened.

4. Siddheshwar Nath Temple

  • Located on the topmost peak of Barabar Hills is Baba Siddheshwar Nath Temple. Barabara Hills are also famous for Barabar Caves.
  • A Shiva Temple said to be built during the rule of Gupta Dynasty (7 Century AD) by Bana Raja, father-in-law of King of Rajgir, Jarasandha.

5. Vishnupad Temple

  • Located along the bank of Falgu River in Gaya.
  • An ancient temple of Bihar, India, it is Lord Vishnu Temple. It is named Vishnupad as the Temple preserves Dharmsila (Footprints of Lord Vishnu).

6. Deo Surya Mandir (Deo Sun Temple)

  • Located in Deo Town of Bihar, it is a most-cherished tourist attraction due to its sacredness and architecture. It is surrounded by a pond and significant during prime festivals of Bihar like Chatth Puja.
  • Also called Dewark (Devark). It is believed to be built by the Rishi Vishvakarma in one-night on demand of Lord Surya. The Temple is consciously constructed to face towards the East, so the first-ray of Sun always strikes its entrance first.

7. Kundalpur Temple, Nalanda

  • Located in the city of Rajgir, it is only around a kilometre and a half away from the ruins of Nalanda University.
  • Some sects of Jainism believe that Lord Mahavir was born at this place.

8. Mahaishi Tara Temple, Saharsa

  • Located in the village of Mahishi of Saharsa is a Shakti Peetha, it is believed to be made because Devi Sita’s Right Eye fell here.
  • The Temple is also called Shri Ugratara Mandir as it shelters the Goddess Urga Tara or Bhagwati Tara, along with deities Nil Saraswati and Ekjata.

9. Jal Mandir (Water Temple)

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  • Located in Pawapuri (or Apapuri), City of Nalanda, it was built on the pond comprising many Red Lotus Flowers.
  • A significant Jain Pilgrimage Site, the Temple has the Charan Paduka (Footprints) of Lord Mahavira. It is believed that somewhere during the 527 BC, Mahavira attained Nirvana (salvation) here.

Though it isn’t necessary to “reiterate” this–you have to begin with Mahabodhi Temple of Gaya, as it is recognised as the UNESCO World Heritage Site! It is one of the most-visited tourist attractions of Bihar.

Other than this, don’t forget to stroll your feet through and around the Naulakha Temple of Bihar. You’ll never find much about it on Google. Capture it and share it with the world for real!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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