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Tennessee Williams: Writer Who Was Lost & Found In Liquor & Drugs

Tennessee Williams: Writer Who Was Lost & Found In Liquor & Drugs


Tennessee Williams is a recognized American Dramatist and one of the most loved by many around the globe.

You might have read his books, seen adaptations of his work, and might also have heard his biography. But this section is for sure written to make your mouth open in amazement and contemplation!

Go behind the personality who created some of your favourite scripts like  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955).

  1. He was born as Thomas Lanier Williams III. He received the nickname, Tennessee Williams, at the University of Iowa. In 1939, he started calling himself Tennessee.

  2. Before his writing career started, Tennessee did several other jobs. One of his jobs was as a hotel elevator operator (in New York).

  3. He was on bed-rest for 6-months due to some illness. He said that that period had a “strange, mystical feeling” that completely changed his personality.

  4. He became more solitary and imaginative, encouraged to begin his work on some earliest short stories.

  5. Williams soon turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his troubles, as his success did not last long.

  6. Tennessee Williams was known for forgetting about classes. He also used to miss exams during college only as he used to forget about them.

  7. He lied about his age. Few days before his 28th birthday, Williams received $100 in a play-writing contest for those 25 and younger.

  8. He suffered emotionally, reflected on the notion that he might have been suffering from Schizophrenia (Mental Disorder), just like his sister.

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  9. He always wanted a burial at sea. He said that his body should be thrown into the ocean after his death.

  10. Tennessee Williams was choked to death from inhaling the small plastic cap he was using to take drugs.

And as we end telling you about this adored dramatist, we reflect on one of his famous works, The Glass Menagerie, reflecting on a line from it,

“I’ll be all right in a minute, I’m just bewildered – by life”.

Are you bewildered as well?

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