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Text-Based Games: One of the Oldest Kings In Gaming Styles

Text-Based Games: One of the Oldest Kings In Gaming Styles


Before the launch of visual games, most of the games were released in text forms that can be said as text-based games. In many old text-based games, most of the games were made for interactive purposes. Text-based games have their own separate fan base. If you want to improve your writing skills, the gaming genres that support this interface can surely help you improve.



1. Text-based games or Text games are simple games with a text user interface. The interface uses the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) codes instead of vector graphics.



2. The first Text-based game was released for the mainframe computers named BBC, a baseball simulator in 1961 by John W. Burgeson. The baseball simulator game was a text-based simulation game.



3. After the launch of BBC, many developers started developing text-based games. In 1975 and 1976, William Crowther and Don Woods wrote the first computer text-based games, Colossal Cave Adventure, also known as ADVENT.



4. Text games were developed in different gaming genres. One of the most popular genres can be said to be text adventure games. These games run on simple graphics where the player has to write commands to narrate with the world. ZORK is the highest played text adventure game.



5. Roguelike is one of the text-based games which features RPG mode. It is also a text adventure with replayability, permanent death, and turn-based movement. Most of the Roguelike games are developed with ASCII codes. The players have to give commands to interact and fight with the monsters.



6. Jigsaw is a text-based game written by Graham Nelson in 1995. In it, players have to discover a time machine to travel throughout the 20th century. It’s a single-player game released for personal computers.



7. Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is one of the best text-based games developed for Android users. The game story is all about a girl’s social life whose phone you just found.


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8. Now, text-based games face a slow death as their popularity has decreased among the young generation. With 60hz display graphics and audio, players have stopped playing text-based games.



9. Text-based games can help one writing and typing skills as they focus on the typed commands. Through these games, you can learn to make new dialogue, commands and it also helps in your typing skills.



Text-based games are indeed at their downfall. Many of the text games stand out as different and a must-try, but in the 3D world of today, they can turn out boring for gamers.



What are your views on text-based games, and how many of them have you played? Share with us in the comments below.

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