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The 1890s – The Era Also Known As “Gay Nineties”

The 1890s – The Era Also Known As “Gay Nineties”


During the 1890s, “Mauve Decade,” “Gay Nineties,” and Gilded Age were likewise popular names. Many different things were going on in that decade. In addition, certain people were influential in the decade. As well as the Spanish-American War, there were other political issues on the agenda. There was new imperialism at this time.

And what about “Gay Nineties” in the light of LGBT+ History?

Learn more about The 1890s:

  1. Throughout the 1890s to 1899, the United States was ruled by three presidents. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were also notable figures.

  2. In 1893, Frederick Jackson published Frontier Thesis of American History. William Jennings Bryan gave his most famous campaign speech against the gold standard.

  3. During their tenure as Presidents, Benjamin Harrison served from 1889 to 1893, George Cleveland from 1893 and 1897, and McKinley from 1897 and 1901.

  4. As an employee of Edison’s Company, Tesla worked for Thomas Edison. The Kinetograph, an example of motion-picture technology, was invented by Edison.

  5. The US experienced some political changes during this era. An event called “March on Washington” took place in 1894. Jacob Coxey led supporters of his cause to the US capitol to improve roads during that time.

  6. Plessy VS Ferguson, 1896, established the doctrine of “separate but equal”. Annexed in July 1898 when officials realized that Hawaii was a key midway point between the Philippines and the United States.

  7.  A 20 million dollar payment was made to Spain for the Philippines by the US in 1899 under the Paris Treaty. In terms of politics, the Spanish-American War was the most significant event of the 1890s. As a result of the U.S.S Maine sinking in Havana Harbor, the Spanish-American War began.

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  8. During the Spanish-American War, an armistice agreement ended the war. Ultimately, Spain liberated Cuba, and the United States acquired Puerto Rico and Guam from Spain.

  9. My opinion is that several factors contributed to the prosperity of the 1890s. Community involvement was a crucial determinant. We acquired more land. Because of the new inventions and purchases made during the 1890s, the 1890s was a politically, socially, and economically important decade.

  10.  Although the 1890s were not without its difficulties, the prosperous and prosperous times overcame them, making it a memorable decade.

Overall, the 1890s was a great decade. Numerous events occurred during this time. In 1892, unionized steel mill workers participated in the Homestead strike. During the 1890s, there was a depression called the Panic of 1893. The depression was caused by deflation, rural decline, and unemployment. The Columbian Exposition (1893) introduced new and updated technology to Chicago. As a response to factory conditions, union members refused to remove sleeping cars from railroads, which led to the Pullman Boycott of 1894.

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