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The Art Of The Hand!

The Art Of The Hand!



Every art is unique but, some have become so unique that they are about to die! Today we are going to talk about one such art, the Rogan Art. Come, let’s dig in!


1) Rogan Art is the art done with the help of the palm. It came to India from Persia. It came to Nirona Village four hundred years ago.


2) The family of Abdul Gafur Khatri is the only family to practice this art. They are now teaching it to other people to make the art popular!


3) The Rogan painting starts with castor oil. Rogan means oil in Parsi. The paint is made of oil. The oil is heated for two days until it becomes a honey-like texture. Then, it was mixed with paint made with pigment mineral colour. It is done all with approximation.


4) Then, the paint is swirled on the palm then put on fabric with a metal rod while keeping the other hand under the cloth. It helps create precise shapes.


5) the paint is put on half of the cloth, and it is then folded to form a mirror image.


6) These art pieces are expensive and usually sold to tourists.


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7) These designs are produced by thread-like strands of paint.


8) Commonly, colours like yellow, white, red, blue and green are used.


9) Fun fact! These paintings are made with no pre-planning or sketching!


So, we introduced you to this new art form. If we intrigued the artistic enthusiast within you, do buy a piece of such art. Support all the hard work these talented artists do! And also, don’t forget to comment below the names of all the art forms you love or the ones you are eager to know better! 

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