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The Atmosphere Is More Than Just Hawayein And Mahaul…

The Atmosphere Is More Than Just Hawayein And Mahaul…


Atmosphere comes from 'atmos,' (Ancient Greek for vapour or steam) and 'sphere,' a layer of gas(es) that surrounds a planet and is held there by gravity. Planets retain an atmosphere when their gravity is high while the temperature is low.


1.  Around 4.6 billion years ago, the planet had no atmosphere and was entirely covered in molten lava.

2.  Earth's atmosphere developed primarily from the cooling down of gases emitted by volcanoes that mostly contained carbon dioxide.

3. About half a billion years ago, when the water began to accumulate on the Earth's surface, the atmosphere solidified and layered.

4.  Earth's atmosphere reflects sunlight in the equinox, just like the atmospheres of other planets with a rich pressure in an outermost layer of an extraterrestrial atmosphere, despite climate change affecting its effect on the day.

5.  In early 2020, due to the discovery of the TOI 700 D, the possibility of retaining an analogue of Earth's atmosphere has emerged.

6. As a planet forms, the local solar nebula determines the initial gaseous composition of the atmosphere, as does the subsequent escape of some gases from within the atmosphere proper.

7.  In the early Solar System, the atmospheres of the planets were first formed from rotating discs of gases that collapsed onto themselves. It then divided into spaced rings of gas and matter, condensed into the planets we see today.

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8.  Besides carbon dioxide and nitrogen, argon and oxygen are also present in the atmospheres of Venus and Mars.

9.  Low temperatures and the powerful gravity of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune help these planets retain gases with lower molecular masses. Besides hydrogen and helium atmospheres, there is a small amount of more complex compounds on these planets.


The layers of gases shield the living organisms from genetic damage caused by UV radiations, solar wind and cosmic rays. Life on Planet Earth modified the Paleo Atmosphere for billions of years. It led to the composition of the present atmosphere.


And our dear colleague thought the atmosphere was something like “hawayein, hawayein…” We gotta' read that Science Book of CBSE again bru'!

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