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The Cooler Chocolate

The Cooler Chocolate


All chocolates taste delicious, but handmade chocolates seem even more elite than non-handmade chocolates when it comes to taste. At least, that is what I personally feel. Do you also think this way? What is it about handmade chocolates that makes them more superior? Let’s find out.


1. The thing about handmade chocolates is that every individual piece is unique. Every handmade chocolate is individually created in the absence of machinery and long production lines.

2. Many mass production chocolatiers claim to have “artisan” chocolates. However, we all know that this is impossible. Products made on a massive scale can never be “artisan” products.

3. In mass production, every process is automated. This means that mass-produced chocolates are devoid of human touch. This is not really a bad thing. It ensures that chocolates are made in bulk. However, it also means that these chocolates lack the element that makes handmade chocolates delicious.

4. The presence of “human touch” is the reason why handmade chocolates are considered the perfect gift for a loved one. They are popular gifts during Valentine’s day.

5. Non-handmade chocolate bars are all identical. It is easy to pick one up from a store. But they aren’t unique. Gifting unique handmade chocolates shows that you care. It shows that you went out of your way to look for an uncommon gift.

6. Handmade chocolates also give you the option to buy chocolates tailored to your preferences. Some people are diet-conscious. Therefore, they can have custom handmade sugar-free chocolates.

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7. For lactose-intolerant people, eating chocolates can be risky. Chocolates contain several milk products. However, this does not mean that they cannot enjoy chocolates. Handmade dairy-free chocolates are the answer for them.

8. With the rise in awareness among people to switch to veganism, vegan handmade chocolates are slowly gaining popularity.

9. There are various types of handmade chocolates. It gives people the chance to have fun, experiment, and show their creativity by mixing different flavours. From cherry-rose truffles to Parma violet choco-hearts, the world of handmade chocolates is quite diverse.

All in all, handmade chocolates are slowly gaining popularity. They are the perfect gifting options, can be healthy and can be enjoyed by everyone. After all, everyone deserves to enjoy the flavour of this heavenly food.

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