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The Game-Style Of Playing Video Games

The Game-Style Of Playing Video Games


“jaise zinda rehne ke liye oxygen chahiye, waise game ko chalane ke liye, gameplay chahiye.” Gameplay depends on the game genre, the way the player plays the game. Gameplay is like a child, and the gamers are like players. Parents give promises to their children, as the player tries to make their gameplays good to play.



1. Gameplay is a feature of the video game, a game style. Gameplay is an overall conclusion of game style, graphics and sound effects.



2. Gameplay is the rule of the game universe you are playing. Every game has its own different gameplays. Everything the game commands to the player comes under gameplays.



3. Gameplay depends on the types of video game genres. The main elements of the gameplay are the Gameworld. The gameplay of the video game is decided by the genre of the video game.



4. Action Gameplay is a type of video game genre that requires hand-eye coordination and reaction timing. It mainly consists of fights, firing, and attacks on the enemies.



5. Simulation makes your life easier. Simulator gameplay is based on real-life based tasks such as driving, cooking, trekking, swimming, fishing etc.



6. RPG gameplay is one of the most trending gaming genres in the streaming world. In it, the player plays the protagonist, whose role is to complete the surrounding story.



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7. Racing gameplay is simple and can be played by everyone. It works on the simple mechanism, where players take part in a race. The main aim of the game is to win the race for first place.



8. MOBA Gameplay is the subgenre of Strategy Games. It is based on team battles. Each team tries to protect the crown of their base. The first team to destroy the opponent’s base wins the game.



9. Horror gameplay is amusing as well as scary at the same time. The main story is to get protected from the ghost and escape safely from the area. And yes. Ghosts in this gameplay might be the sole ones that are not afraid of Hanuman Chalisa.



Every game and gamer has their own way to play the game. There are more than fifty gaming genres with different gameplays. Let us know which video game gameplay you love playing in the comments section below!

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