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“Jab Weed Met Herbs” – Ambrosia trifida or The Giant Ragweed

“Jab Weed Met Herbs” – Ambrosia trifida or The Giant Ragweed


The Giant Ragweed or Ambrosia trifida (like science and scientists would love to term it) is difficult to pronounce but merciful in its usage. A plant that belongs to the family of sunflowers has an abundance of use. To find out more about the Giant Ragweed or Ambrosia Trifida, keep reading:

  1. What is Ambrosia trifida?

It is an annual growing (6ft 7inch–longer than what we could ever be) flowering plant that grows from August to October. The term is scientific terminology given to The Giant Ragweed.

Ambrosia trifida
  1. Where is Ambrosia trifida found?

The Giant Ragweed is found in regions of North America, where the branches are spread in Canada, The United States and Mexico.

  1. Fun Fact about Ambrosia trifida

In the regions of Europe and Asia, these plants have an introduced species known as Weed. Other common names include Great Ragweed, Kinghead, Tall Ragweed etc.

Fun Fact about Ambrosia trifida

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  1. How is Ambrosia trifida as Weed?

Injurious. It is a harmful weed for both its native and areas where it is introduced with different names.

Ambrosia trifida as Weed

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  1. Why is Ambrosia trifida Injurious?

In the disturbed regions, where it is grown in roadsides and cultivated fields, extensive seed dispersal occurs. This makes it more dangerous as the plant easily outcompetes other plants for lights and nutrients.

  1. The Medicinal Properties of Ambrosia trifida

North Americans have used the plant for traditional medicinal purposes. It’s used as an antidote for insect bites, pneumonia, hives etc.

  1. Even though a Weed, Ambrosia trifida, can be used for compost

The Giant Ragweed, which the Asian and European native has named, is successfully a compost activator.

  1. ‘A’ for Ambrosia and ‘A’ for Allergy

More than its benefits and uses in medication Ambrosia trifida is allergic in nature. The places where it is planted have experienced allergic reactions, and that becomes a setback altogether.

'A' for Ambrosia and 'A' for Allergy

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  1. Is Ambrosia trifida edible?

 The seed of the plant contains linolenic acid. It contains up to 19% oil and has better properties than soybean oil. So, yeah, that answers your question.

Is Ambrosia trifida edible?

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So, all in all, Ambrosia trifida is a Three Dimensional Plant (Sorry, Vijay Shankar!): handles medicines, is a weed, and can also be used as compost! That’s all to the introduction to The Giant Ragweed, my friend. Hallelujah!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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